The Art of Copy in Your Front End Mini Product Sales Page

The Art of Copy in Your Front End Mini Product Sales Page


While the design of the Front End Mini Product sales page is simple, the copy kicks into top gear.

I love the headline – “Will Your Idea For A Profitable Membership Site Actually Work?”

Talk about striking right to the very core fear of anyone considering launching a membership.

And the 4 positioning bullets are beautiful. 

The headline lands a punch, with the overarching fear.

Then, the positioning bullets get more specific with the internal dialogue that expresses that fear.

If you are thinking about launching a new membership, one of these 4 fears, dressed up as questions, will be rolling around your head.


Headlines are the most valuable real estate on your sales page.

In the Lead2Launch Sales Page Blueprint, there are 15 sections every sales page should have.

That’s a lot of sections. However, I believe you should spend as long drafting your headlines (or longer) than you do drafting the copy for the 15 sections.

People don’t read every section of your sales page.

They scan the page, reading primarily the headings.

When they see a heading that is most relevant to them they dive in and read that section before getting back to scanning the page.

The headlines throughout Stu’s sales page are fantastic:

  • So, How Do You Ensure Your Membership Is A Success Right From The Get Go?
  • Learn The Secrets To Instantly Attracting Your Perfect Buyer

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This is definitely one for the swipe files:

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