Maximizing Conversion: Strategies for Audience Engagement

Maximizing Conversion: Strategies for Audience Engagement

We’re diving into a cracking little funnel this week…


…a case study in solving a primary pain point or desire keeping your audience awake at night.


And backing up your claims with very specific metrics.


Remember, the more specific your promise is, the higher the conversion rate.


Let’s look at this Front End Mini Product Funnel from One Peak Creative.


The lead magenet opt-in page is clean, and the promise is clear.


Viral Growth on TitTok & Reels


For anyone building an audience on TikTok or Instagram, this will instantly grab their attention.


However, the viral claim is overused online, and most people are skeptical.


But that’s where they summon the king of conversion – specificity.


“The blueprint to breaking 10m views & 75k followers with only 3 posts to a new account.”


Hold on a second. If @gerry.carry can go viral and quit his job with brand deals from just 3 videos, I can, too. I must have this free guide!


I love “Free for a limited time” just above the CTA button, which introduces urgency and scarcity.


Opt-in Page Swipe Files: