Ads for Mastermind: Insights into Effective Free Trial Strategies

Ads for Mastermind: Insights into Effective Free Trial Strategies

Our Ad today is from a company that has shaped the world of digital marketing we see today.

Guess we should sit up and pay attention.

Introducing none other than Ryan Deiss and the team over at Digital Marketer.

What’s unusual about this ad is its simplicity.

No grandiose promises of endless profits or finding the answer to life, the universe, and everything (which we all know is 42).

The ad simply identifies a #1 pain point and promises to fix it with some very tangible outputs.

But don’t let the simplicity fool you. 

This is the starting point of an intelligent funnel! (more about that in the Now Launching section!)


 3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • I like this opening – “Who else is looking for answers? Answers to the really hard questions, like -” Sure, it is vague, but it is curiosity building. Aren’t we all looking for answers? We want the opening lines of our ad to reel in our perfect-fit client. One powerful way to do this is to get them to answer a question and trigger a conversation in their head. Even getting your Perfect-Fit Client to say yes (or sometimes no) can lure them onto the edge of our slippery copy slope.
  • Dean then brings them deep into what those “hard questions” are. Notice how nothing in the ad so far talks about building a course or selling a digital product. Dean goes right to the core desires and pain points. The questions that keep his Perfect-Fit Client awake at night – Protecting loved ones – Become the person we know we wanna be – To thrive instead of survive. He’s connecting with the ultimate outcome first. If you can show people you can read their minds, they will believe your solution will get them what they want.
  • Your #1 mechanism for selling a SAAS Product is the free trial. Get people using your platform, and get them to invest time, effort, and energy in setting up and rolling out your solution. By the time it comes to the end of their free trial your goal is for their “sunk cost” effort to outweigh the monthly fee. Dean adds a brilliant twist. He charges $1. Dean is a direct-response marketer. He knows that people who go to the effort of pulling out their credit card will be more likely to follow through and take action. He also knows that it will trigger the principle of consistency, which means people who pay $1 will feel internal pressure to validate their initial commitment by signing up for membership. The icing on top. The $1 goes to charity. Who isn’t going to feel even better about themselves and the business they are dealing with when they are supporting a worthy cause through their actions.