3 Quick Ways to Identify Your Perfect-Fit Client

3 Quick Ways to Identify Your Perfect-Fit Client

Having a long-term view of the transformation you want for your Perfect-Fit Client is crucial to the success of your online business. As Course Creators and Membership Site Owners, our sole business focus should be on helping our Perfect-Fit Clients achieve the transformation they seek.

Not everyone will want to move at the same pace or invest at the same level to achieve their desired transformation and that is perfect. Our job is to meet them where they are and help them move forward at the most suitable pace for them.

Therefore, a Value Ascension Roadmap is essential for your online business. It makes sure that your Perfect-Fit Client always has a destination to aim for and always has a next step to take.

Your Value Ascension Roadmap will begin with your free content. This may be your blog, social, podcast, or YouTube. From your free content, you want to entice them to opt-in to your email list through a Lead Magnet and then offer them entry to a front-end membership or course. 

From here they will step into your signature program/membership and if they are suitable, all the way to your coaching program and high-end masterminds.

Your job is to know what your Perfect-Fit Clients’ most important next step is at each level and how you can best support them to take that step. 

Often online business owners run into difficulty when their Value Ascension Roadmap isn’t fully aligned from one level to another, or the groundwork hasn’t been laid well in advance of the next milestone on the Roadmap.

In order to attract and hold your Perfect-Fit Clients’ attention there has to be a number of things in place:

  • The first one is your Value Ascension Roadmap, with clear descriptors of the transformation on offer at each level, any pre-requisites, or qualification factors. In addition, you much have a clear and compelling offer for each level.
  • Your Perfect-Fit Client needs to see evidence of the transformation that you have helped others achieve at the next level of the Value Ascension Roadmap so that they are compelled to do what it is that you’re asking them to do. You may be able to transform someone’s life but if that person doesn’t believe in you they will never take the necessary steps.
  • And finally, you have to enroll them in a better future for themselves. This is where you enroll them not on you and your product or membership, but you enroll them in themselves. Very often you are showing them a future that they may not have even imagined was possible for them.

So now that you have created an environment to attract your Perfect-Fit Client how do you distinguish between Perfect-Fit and ok client. Here are 3 quick questions to ask yourself:

Am I Excited by The Prospect Of Speaking To This Client?

When you have an opportunity to engage 1-on-1 or in a group do you get excited when you are about to speak to that client? Do you feel energized, on top of the world, having a sense that you’re making a difference in their life? 

Because if there is an ounce of reluctance the chance is that the person is not your Perfect-Fit Client. There are two reasons why I am so passionate about people attracting their Perfect-Fit Client 

  1. If you’re not excited about helping your clients achieve their ultimate transformation, showing up day after day and playing full out is going to be hard.
  2. If you are not showing up 100% every day and feeling even a tiny bit of reluctance, your Perfect-Fit Clients are going to pick up on that.

If you are genuinely excited about the thought of every single interaction with your clients, this is when your business will take off.

Can This Client Achieve The Ultimate Transformation I Know Is Possible For Them?

As described above, your Value Ascension Roadmap should have different levels of transformation that your Perfect-Fit Client can attain. Some people are going to move at a different pace to others and that is fine, but, do you think the Client can achieve the transformation that is possible for them on that level.

Your goal shouldn’t be that everyone makes it to your top-level mastermind. That is only for a select few people who want to get the maximum results, in the fastest manner possible and are willing to invest accordingly.

Often when I am working with my Perfect-Fit Clients on their Value Ascension Roadmap we discover that the most appropriate level for their Perfect-Fit Client is in their Group Coaching Program.

Are They Ready For The Next Step? 

Depending on their Value Ascension Roadmap, you’re going to have different stops. Each stop will come with a different price level that people will pay.

Price resistance is often a sign that either people don’t believe in themselves, or they don’t believe in you. More often than not, however, it comes down to self-belief.

You are going to start with free content and lead magnets. From here you’ll have front-end, self-liquidating offers, then mini-courses and programs all the way to your signature program or course. And at the end of their journey, you’re going to offer them high-end masterminds.

If they are not ready to move to the next level on your Value Ascension Roadmap that is fine. It may be that they need more time on the level that they are on to build their confidence.

The worst thing you can do is step someone up to a higher level before they are ready. Your Perfect-Fit Client may not always have the skills or experience required for the next level but as long as they have the attitude and appetite that is all they need.

If you answer yes to the three questions above it is a good sign that you are working with a Perfect-Fit Client. When you identify a Perfect-Fit Client the job isn’t complete as you now have to analyze their personality, traits, attitudes, and behaviors to build a profile so you can attract more and more of the same.

If you would like to schedule a free Perfect-Fit Client Mini-Strategy Session, simply click the link and we will build a customized client attraction framework for your online business