Free Workshop Opt-in Page Optimization

Free Workshop Opt-in Page Optimization

Free Workshop Opt-in Page Optimization

Embark on a journey of strategic insight as we delve into the intricacies of Free Workshop Opt-in Page Optimization, inspired by Marisa Murgatroyd’s masterful Challenge Funnel. Discover how each stage, from addressing the initial concerns of budding entrepreneurs to propelling them toward scaling their courses, is meticulously crafted to enhance audience engagement and drive meaningful conversions.

4 weeks ago, we reviewed a Challenge Funnel from Marisa Murgatroyd.

You can check out that funnel review here:

It’s always interesting to see how people stack launches. 

The high-level overview of her Challenge Funnel was:

  • (Lead Magnet
    • The 20 Most Profitable Online Course Mega-Niches
  • (Challenge) 
    • Crack Your Course Idea

Now we have her Signature Product Funnel:

  • (Free Workshop) 
    • The Simple Formula For Creating Ultra-Profitable Courses
  • (Signature Program) 
    • Experience Product Masterclass – Skyrocket Your Income With A New Kind Of High-Impact Online Course
Free Workshop Opt-in Page Optimization

Do me a favor. I know you are busy, but take 10 minutes for a simple exercise.

Step 1 – Study Marisa’s Roadmap

  • Put yourself in the shoes of someone who wants to start an online business. What is keeping them awake at night? What is the first problem they face….
  • Problem 1 – What’s a good topic for my course? 
  • Solution 1 – The 20 Most Profitable Online Course Mega-Niches
  • Problem 2 – Ok I know my niche but how do I come up with my “Big Idea”
  • Solution 2 – Crack Your Course Idea Challenge
  • Problem 3 – How do I make sure my course is profitable
  • Solution 3 – Free Workshop – Ultra Profitable Course
  • Problem 4 – How do I scale my course?
  • Solution 4 – Experience Product Masterclass

Notice how each stage solves the #1 top-of-mind problem for someone at that level.

Then, the solution perfectly positions them to step to the next level.

Step 2 – Map Your Perfect-Fit Client’s Journey From Nubie to Master

  • Pick someone at the very start of their journey. What’s their #1 problem?
  • Once they have solved that problem, what’s the next challenge they will run into
  • What are all the stages and steps (problems they need to overcome) to get from where they are today to where they want to be? 

Step 3 – Map Your Value Ascension Roadmap

  • What can you offer (free and paid) at each level to help them solve the problem they face and prepare them to take their next steps?

This could be the most valuable 10 minutes you’ll ever spend in your business.

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