Increase Your Course Sales: 6 Facebook Ads Scaling Tips

Increase Your Course Sales: 6 Facebook Ads Scaling Tips

Increase Your Course Sales: 6 Facebook Ads Scaling Tips

The quickest way to grow your online course or membership business is with Facebook Ads.

You may strike gold with lower-budget ad campaigns.

But most people struggle when it comes to scaling Facebook Ads profitably.

Here’s the 6-step approach I use with my clients to scale without killing your ROI   

Step 1 to Boost Your Sales:

Create a compelling offer. The single biggest factor that will dictate the profitability of your ad campaign is your offer. Your audience needs to be certain that you can solve a #1 pain point and help them achieve a dream outcome, quickly, without much effort.

Step 2 to Increase Your Revenue:

Identify their blockers. What’s holding your perfect-fit client back? What do they think they need to take their next step and get moving? Whatever our solution or promise, the language and hooks we use must reflect what’s happening in their world.   

Step 3 to Scale Your Ads:

Create hot-button ad copy & creative. People only pay attention to their highest priority, front-of-mind issues. Use attention-grabbing headlines and images that relate to the problems they face and the dream outcomes they desire.

Step 4 to Max Course Profitability:

Launch and analyze. Keep things simple to start with. On the ad level – 3 ads, 3 creative, 2 headlines. On an audience and Ad Set level, a broad audience, lookalike audience, and interest-based. Run for a minimum of 3-4 days, then analyze the data.

Step 5 to Sell More Courses:

Optimize and test. Kill the poor-performing ads, duplicate and tweak the winning ads. Only test one element at a time. Keep a journal of your tests – your hypothesis, what was changed, and the results. Landing page optimization has the biggest ROI.

Step 6 to Scale Facebook Ads:

Scale with confidence. When you’ve identified and tested your winning combinations, scale using advantage campaign budget campaigns. Patience is a virtue. At scale, you will need a higher rate of copy and creative refresh.