Facebook Hooks ChatGPT Prompt

Facebook Hooks ChatGPT Prompt


Prompt Objective:


To draft multiple hooks for Facebook ads promoting a lead magnet.  


Prompt Outline:


I want you to act as an expert direct-response copywriter.

Your job is to craft a compelling and high-converting opening hook for a Facebook ad.

I am going to ask you to draft 10 hooks. 


Here is the data you need. If any required data is missing, please use your knowledge and all information available to you online to fill in the gaps.


[*Target Audience Description*] 

{Briefly describe your perfect fit client (e.g., dreams, goals, ambitions, challenges, desires, interests).}


[*Lead Magnet Title*]

{Outline the title and subtitle of the lead magnet}


[*Lead Magnet Main Challenge or Pain Point*]

{What is the primary challenge or pain point your lead magnet addresses for this audience?}


[*Emotional Triggers*]

{Identify any specific emotions (like aspiration or frustration) that your target audience might have related to their pain points.}


[*Common Objections*]

{List common objections or hesitations your audience might have.}


[*Desired Action from Ad Viewers*]

{What is the primary action you want viewers to take after seeing the ad?}


[*Urgency or Scarcity Elements*]

{Are there any urgency or scarcity factors (like limited time offer, limited spots, etc.)?}


You can choose which combination of the following elements you use to create the hook.


  1. Target Audience Engagement

Use the audience description [*Your Target Audience Description*] to directly address the viewers and engage them personally.


  1. Highlight the Main Challenge or Pain Point: 

Emphasize the primary challenge or pain point [*Lead Magnet Main Challenge or Pain Point*] that your lead magnet addresses, making it relatable to the audience.


  1. Leverage Emotional Triggers

Utilize the identified emotional triggers [*Emotional Triggers*] to create a deeper connection and urgency.


  1. Counter Common Objections: Tactfully counter any common objections [*Common Objections*] to alleviate concerns upfront.


  1. Clear Call to Action: Include a clear and compelling call to action [*Desired Action from Ad Viewers*] that guides viewers on what to do next.


  1. Incorporate Urgency/Scarcity: If applicable, add urgency or scarcity elements [*Urgency or Scarcity Elements*] to prompt immediate action.


Please ensure the hook is concise, engaging, and aligns seamlessly with the lead magnet.


Please draft it in a friendly human voice that will avoid all AI detection tests.