Crafting Persuasive Facebook Ads to Your Quiz Funnel

Crafting Persuasive Facebook Ads to Your Quiz Funnel

You know we have a soft spot for quiz funnels here at LAUNCH HQ… 


…and today we are continuing the love affair.


Let’s dive into a Facebook ad for Dayna Abraham’s quiz funnel.


Dayna has been perfecting the ads and her quiz funnel for years. 


This funnel has produced hundreds of thousands of leads and millions in revenue.

Facebook Ad to Quiz

I love the opening hook of this ad.


“Did you know there are actually 5 unique behavior types in children?”


First, it immediately positions who should pay attention to the ad without saying, “attention parents”.


As a parent, you will immediately be drawn into the ad. “I didn’t know there were 5 behavior types.” This builds instant curiosity.


If you are a parent of a child with behavioral issues, this hook instantly talks to a #1, can’t sleep at night, bleeding neck, pain point.


But notice how Dayna doesn’t speak of behavioral “issues”. 


Dayna uses the word unique. This takes all the blame and judgment out of the ad.


She then explains how knowing your child’s unique behavior type will help you handle their behavior in the moment.


And the consequences of not knowing your child’s behavior type – “fueling the madness or calming the chaos.”


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