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Ad to Lead Magnet Mastery: Decoding Facebook Ad Strategies

Ad to Lead Magnet Mastery: Decoding Facebook Ad Strategies

ad to lead magnet

3 Elements To Inspire Your Facebook Ads:


  • The power of questions

Questions work on many levels. 

Firstly, they engage the reader. 

We are conditioned to respond to questions. This is one of the great copywriting hacks.

If you match the questions in your audience’s head, they will instantly think you understand them and will feel drawn to you.

They start conversations in your audience’s head and lead them deeper into the rabbit hole.

“How do you begin to profit from them?” 

As a question, this is far more powerful than telling someone they could profit from Bitcoin.


  • Stoke the pain, promise the pleasure

Problem, problem, problem…..


“It can be profitable once you understand them”

“It’s not hard once you learn the basics”

“…profit in the new world of crypto.”

Remember, an undisturbed prospect will not take action, no matter how glorious the positive upside is.


  • Make digital physical

If you are offering an eBook or digital product, it is always a good idea to depict it as a physical product. This may be in the form of a book or a box.

This makes the intangible tangible and increases the value proposition.

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Facebook Ad to Quiz Funnel

Optimizing Facebook Ad to Quiz Funnel: A Comprehensive Review

Optimizing Facebook Ad to Quiz Funnel: A Comprehensive Review

Facebook Ad to Quiz Funnel

The AIDA copywriting technique is employed beautifully here.



The language is a bit wooden for my liking. 


“Discover the path to regain your power over your drinking habits in 8 weeks”


Often simple copy will convert better.


“Discover the simple formula to control your drinking habits in 8 weeks”


In this case I think the second paragraph would serve as a better hook.


What if I told you could control your drinking habits WITHOUT saying goodbye to your beloved wine evenings forever?



Introducing stats, figures, studies or intriguing approaches will capture people’s interest.


Especially if it demonstrates how they can avoid their primary pain or achieve their desires.


We can also see the positioning kick into full force here with “we’ve assisted 100 ambitious business-owners, entrepreneurs”


This could be made even more appealing by including an odd number like 107 or 197.


The word over makes me question if they have indeed helped a hundred people or do they even know how many people they have helped.



The desired section will normally be the longest part of your ad.


Here you can introduce short client success stories or as the OYNB team did explain what these 100+ people experienced.


You want to position yourself as a guide but I never like seeing the word “guide” in ad copy.




As an experienced guide who has empowered thousands of women worldwide




I’ve helped hundreds of women all over the world shift their relationship with alcohol and I can assure you….



I’ve found that including in copy links will increase your outbound CTR. Don’t leave it to the very end of the ad to include a link and don’t rely solely on the “Learn More” button.


Within the AIDA framework I like to include a link early in the copy after the Interest section or early in the Desire section.


Many experts argue that in the age of TikTok people don’t read copy and that short ads are the way to go.


I disagree, nearly all of my best performing ads for knowledge commerce are medium to long form.


However, if someone reads the first line of an ad and is ready to go, I want them to see a link and click it. 


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paid launch strategy

Paid Launch Strategy: From Ads to a Profitable Launch

Paid Launch Strategy: From Ads to a Profitable Launch

paid launch strategy

Simple hooks can work a treat.


The number one job of your hook is to get a response. 


People are conditioned to respond to questions. 


Here’s an opening hook everyone can use – “Ever caught yourself thinking this?”


The next line is crucial because it has to produce a big YES from your audience.


Another simple hook but highly effective hook is: 

“Curious about {primary desire}? But don’t know where to begin?

I like the next line Patty used. “Let’s take away the uncertainty and swap it for a plan.”

People are looking to you to take away confusion and overwhelm. To show them the shortcut.

People want to feel secure, and they are on the shortest path to success.

These two examples are far less complex than many of the open hooks we have studied.

But I am confident that these ads did great for Patty.

Oh and check out the swipe files to see how Patty structured the transformation people will achieve once they have registered for her paid launch. Top marks!

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Launch Newsletter Issue #00060

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L – Latest News

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A – A.I. For Growth

Latest A.I. Tools

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U – Uplevel Ads

One of the biggest names in the game is winding up for a big launch.


From the 17th to 31 August, Jeff Walker will deliver his hotly anticipated PLF Launch.


More on that below, but a key topic Jeff will address during his launch is A.I.


And, more specifically, how to leverage A.I. for bigger, easier, and more profitable launches.


So from the end of July, Jeff has been running lead generation ads for his A.I. Launch Playbook.


This is a genius move. Driving registration for a launch too far in advance is pointless.


However, filling your list with people who are interested in a topic that you are going to focus on during your launch is a win-win.


Jeff gets low-cost, high-quality leads that are aligned with his launch and time to build trust.


The leads get immediate gratification for a top-of-mind problem and will be brought even deeper during the launch.


Let’s dive into the ads:


The allure of A.I. is dominating the headspace of online entrepreneurs all over the world.


When there is a wave in your industry, you best ride it.


The opening hook of the ad works because there is so much awareness and hype around A.I.


“Get my BEST AI prompts, shortcuts, & strategies…


… to launch & scale your business here:”


I like getting a link to the opt-in page early in the ad. 


I have found that ads with medium-length copy outperform short-form ads.


However, there are lots of people who won’t read longer form copy.


Putting your link high in the ad gives you the best of both worlds. 


You get an early CTA but provide additional information to convince people who need that little bit more.

One of the keys to writing engaging copy is making your sentences short.


When I can’t make a sentence less than 1 line, I love using “…” to break the sentence into two parts.


This approach is overused in this ad. The continuous use makes the copy hard to read.


Swipe File:

N – Now Launching


The headline is far from the strongest proposition.


“Get the A.I. Edge… In Just One Click”


I don’t know what the A.I. edge is, and while one click tells me it is easy, it’s not either my:

  1. My primary fear/pain/challenge
  2. My #1 goal/dream/ambition


The fact that the topic is A.I. will more than make up for this, and the rest of the copy is sweet.

The subhead is where the magic kicks in. 


I’d love to see a test using the first line as the headline and changing the second line to – Get your proven….


Jeff delivers the A.I. Launch Playbook on the thank you page.


This is an interesting deviation from standard practice. 


If I was reading between the lines, they value the consumption of the lead magnet over inbox placement.


This may be because they plan to retarget opt-ins with ads to register for the upcoming masterclass, but they want to make sure people have consumed the lead magnet in advance.


Swipe File:

C – Conversion

Frustrated with your Facebook ad conversion rates


Want to profitably attract leads and make sales… 


…so you can grow your online business?


Here’s your shortcut to success! 


FACT: Emotional triggers are the secret to successful Facebook ads.

If you’re not using emotional triggers in your Facebook ads, you’re leaving money on the table! Keep reading to find out why emotional triggers work and how you can use them.


Step 1: Identify your target audience’s deepest desires, fears, and pain points.

Step 2: Create a compelling offer that addresses their emotional triggers.

Step 3: Use social proof to show that your product/service is the solution they need.


By using these three simple steps, you’ll create ads that resonate with your audience and trigger the right emotions to drive conversions


Emotional trigger #1: Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) 

Use scarcity, urgency, and exclusivity to create a sense of urgency and drive conversions. 


Emotional trigger #2: Social Proof 

Use testimonials, case studies, and user-generated content to show that your product/service is the solution they need. 


Emotional trigger #3: Instant Gratification 

Offer a quick and easy solution to your target audience’s pain points. 

Use a clear call-to-action (CTA) to make it easy for them to take action. 

Now you know the 3 Game-Changing Emotional Triggers to Boost Your Conversions Instantly! Use these emotional triggers to create Facebook ads that resonate with your audience, trigger the right emotions, and drive conversions! 


Don’t wait! Start using these emotional triggers in your Facebook ads today, and watch your conversions skyrocket!

H – Hot Take


Keep going….



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