Facebook Ad Quiz Inspiration for Your Next Campaign

Facebook Ad Quiz Inspiration for Your Next Campaign


Let’s take a look at a Marie Forleo ad driving people to a Quiz.

Quiz Funnels remain one of the cheapest ways to attract leads at scale.

The downside is they can take longer to get converting and to start seeing results.

One of the best ways to catch people’s attention is through identifying their pain points.

Marie does a great job in the open hook of this ad. 

I think most of us business owners can relate to these pain points at some stage in our growth.

I love how Marie puts a label on the problem she is solving – “Time Stress”.

Time management has limited appeal. Everyone talks about stress.

But time stress feels like an entirely new concept. 

How can you innovatively label the problem you solve?

I love the clean yellow backed image. Just 13 words and an image of Marie. 

Definitely one to try in your next campaign.

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