Mastering Facebook Ads for Mini-Product Success

Mastering Facebook Ads for Mini-Product Success

Here at are L.A.U.N.C.H. we love mini-products.


They are the number one way to attract high-quality, purchase-qualified, clients into your world.


Our favorite model is Paid Ad > Lead Magnet > Mini-Product Upsell.


The old-school way was Paid Ad > Mini-Product.


The challenge with the old-school model is you only have a single shot at making the sale.


With the Lead Magnet up front, you capture emails for up to 60% – 70% of opt-in page visitors.


Your mini-product is offered to everyone who opts in. 


And, because you have their email, you can send a 5/7 part email follow-up sales sequence.


Sure, you can sell directly from the ad, but it’s playing the game on hard mode.


And, with the rising cost of ads, we need to adapt our approach.


So what does the game look like on hard mode?


Let’s take a look at a Facebook ad driving people directly to a $47 mini-product.

Facebook Ads for Mini-Product

I love how clear the primary promise of the ad is. 


For anyone who’s never tried, (or can’t remember) learning the guitar, the early days are excruciating.


All you want is to be able to move fast and for the chords to sound clear.


Everyone tells you that practice is key, but very few people tell you how to practice.


The opening line is a catcall to anyone struggling to learn the guitar.


Next, we see a “before-after bridge”. 


Here are all the negative things you’re currently experiencing……


And once you “take the challenge,” here are all the great things you’ll experience.


I like the use of the open loop – And that’s just in 11 of the 14 lessons. 


So what’s in the other 3 lessons? This will build curiosity and memorability.


The ad is then wrapped up with a 300% money-back guarantee.


Remember, the objective of the ad is to get people to the sales page, not to sell the product.


This is a beautiful ad template you can easily swipe and recreate in your ad campaigns.


Swipe File: