Meta Pixel Success in 12 Steps for Facebook Ad ROAS

Meta Pixel Success in 12 Steps for Facebook Ad ROAS


Want to guarantee the highest ROAS from your Facebook ads?

If you’ve ever felt like your throwing ad $’s into a black hole…

…here are some simple steps you can take to get the best possible return on your ad spend. 

The Facebook Pixel is a game-changer, but most people don’t know how to set it up to get the very best results. 

The Pixel is your secret sauce for optimizing your conversions and ad performance.

Step 1️: (Obvious but important) Install Facebook Pixel on every website page.

Step 2: Install the Chrome extension – Meta Pixel Helper to test the Pixel is installed

Step 3: Create custom audiences for your domain, key website sections, and landing pages

Step 4: Set up the Facebook Conversion API

Step 5: Set up and prioritize your standard Facebook conversion events

Step 6: Create custom conversion events to track specific desired actions on your site.

Step 7: Link your custom conversions to Facebook’s standard events

Step 8: Create custom audiences based on your conversion events

Step 9: Create custom audiences from your customer and email lists 

Step 10: Set up offline events for lead and purchase events

Step 11: Upload conversion data to offline events weekly to feed info back to Facebook 

Step 12: Use retargeting and lookalike audiences to leverage your conversion data

Sometimes we forget the basics. 

Implement these 12 steps to build a solid foundation for your ads. 

The game is tough enough without unintentionally playing it in hard mode!