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Sales Page Optimization – How Not to Write a Dull Sales Page

Sales Page Optimization – How Not to Write a Dull Sales Page

sales page optimization

The gateway to unlocking unparalleled conversions and turning casual visitors into loyal customers is through sales page optimization. Brain Academy are using a simple (but challenging) Facebook ad > Mini-Product funnel.

For a $37 product this is not unheard of.

However, it puts a massive premium on the offer and your offer page copy.

You need to be elite-level to get this to work.

Unfortunately, like the previous steps, this offer page shows a lot of common mistakes infomarketers make. 

Sales Page Optimization Tip 1:

Don’t include general navigation on your sales page

This is a massive no-no.

The header section is a valuable space.

The #1 thing you need to include is a big buy now button.

You can include links, but make sure they are links to sections within the sales page.

Leading people away from the sales page back to the home page or about us page is a recipe for killing your conversion rates.

Sales Page Optimization Tip 2:

Don’t fluff the headline

$0.80 of your $1 is spent on your headline.

Brain Academy falls into the trap of talking about the vehicle rather than 

  1. i) the problem they solve or 
  2. ii) the ultimate promise they help people achieve.

I’m not going to repeat myself from the ad review section but despite telling people what the product does there is no away from or toward motivation imparted.

There is nothing for potential customers to get excited about and no reason for them to keep reading.


Sales Page Optimization Tip 3:

Don’t have a weak (and buried) primary promise

Somewhere down the page we finally come to the primary promise.

But unfortunately, it’s as weak as a 3-second dipped tea bag.

“Take life back into their own hands”

People want to be inspired. They want to imagine themselves as the heroes of their own story.

They need specifics about what their life will be like once they are endowed with their new superpower. 

But they are lazy. They can’t imagine it for themselves. They need you to spell it out.

They need to know how much, by when, and how they can get a guaranteed result with as little work as possible.

This might sound like direct marketer speak, but it is true.

And your offer needs to be designed from the ground up so you can make these claims


Sales Page Optimization Tip 4:

Don’t turn people off buying with dull module titles

If you don’t turn every module title into a curiosity-inducing, excitement-building, benefit-laden knock-out reason to buy, don’t list them on your sales page.

Unfortunately, this is a feature of teachable that I get all my clients to switch off immediately.

Seriously who is going to buy – “Scope of this course” or “neuroplasticity-sensorial-motoric-exercises”

No one wants to sit through hours of video. 

They want the greatest possible result, in the shortest possible time frame, with the least possible effort.

For titles to be inspiring they need to promise a big win.

That is what the person will be able to do when they have learned this skill or technique.

Implementing a robust sales page optimization strategy is not just about increasing conversions; it’s a dynamic process that involves understanding your audience, refining your messaging, and continually adapting to market trends. By prioritizing user experience, A/B testing, and data-driven insights, you can fine-tune your sales page to resonate with your target audience and maximize your business’s potential for sustained success.

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