Step 5 – Ad variation drafting

Step 5 – Ad variation drafting

Table of contents

Step 1 – ChatGPT Facebook ad drafting process

Step 2 – What are my audience’s biggest pain points

Step 3 – What are my audience’s greatest dreams and ambitions

Step 4 – Opt-in page drafting

Step 5 – Ad variation drafting

Step 6 – Campaign structure and audience identification

Step 7 – Use ChatGPT Code Interpreter to analyze your campaign results


Prompt Objective: 

Lead2Launch ChatGPT Facebook Ad Drafting Prompt Series – Step 5

Continue in the same chat as Step 4.

Today’s prompt is: 

  • Step 5 – Ad variation drafting

Prompt Outline:

I want you to act as an expert direct-response copywriter. 

Your job is to draft a Facebook ad that sends people to the opt-in page you drafted in the last chat.

Your goal is to maximize the number of people who opt-in for the lead magnet.

Applying all the principles of direct response copywriting. Writing in the styles of Eugene Schwartz, Jeff Ovigly, Gary Halbert, and Claud Hopkins, I want you to draft Facebook ad copy using the AIDA approach.

  1. Attention: I want to capture the user’s attention immediately and make them stop scrolling. You can use a mix of both pain points, challenges, desires and ambitions to capture attention.
  2. Interest: I want to pique the user’s curiosity about our approach and the lead magnet. Make them want to learn more.
  3. Desire: I need to make them feel that they need my lead magnet. Emphasizing how their life will be better once they apply my solution.
  4. Action: Finally, I need a strong call to action that prompts them to click the ad, visit our opt-in page and register for the lead magnet.

Your copy should sound relaxed, fun, and human. The copy provided should pass all AI detection tests. Come up with exciting and unique angles that sound fresh and original. Refrain from drafting content that sounds overhyped or over-sensationalized. 

Use all the data you have learned about my avatar to draft compelling ad copy.

I want you to produce 3 lengths of ads:

  • Short-form
  • Medium-form
  • Long-form

For each length specified above, I want you to draft 3 ads.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, please commence drafting the ad copy.