4 Framework Meta Ad Drafting AI Prompt For High Converting Ads

Launch Newsletter Issue #00081

Launch Newsletter Issue #00081

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L – Leads

How to be an overnight rockstar (like you aren’t already!)


What I love:


  • Great use of space. This page has a lot of content, but it doesn’t feel like it. Using vh100%, Susie uses space to draw attention to the key points.
  • Great use of bold to highlight keywords and phrases. Bold makes the content easy to scan and helps the reader understand the key points. 
  • The subhead gives you everything you need to know about the webinar. The “attract new clients” part is hugely important, as it describes the transformation that having these new skills will help you achieve.


What I’d test:

  • I’m allergic to “skyrocket.” It is overused and, in my mind, lazy, especially in the age of turgent AI copywriting. 
  • The CTA button is lost on the page. I would make it bigger and brighter. To do this, “Overnight Rockstar” could be reduced by 30%. 
  • The header banner is the most valuable area of an opt-in page. Everyone sees it and reads it. There is a lot of wasted real estate there at the moment. I would expand on FREE WORKSHOP to include some of the benefits of attending.


LEADS – Opt-in Page Swipe Files:


A – A.I. Growth Prompts

4 Framework Meta Ad Drafting AI Prompt For High Converting Ads

The awesome (and heartbreaking) thing about marketing is there is no “right way”.


What works in one campaign isn’t guaranteed to work in another.


The ad hook that is killing it for your friend could bomb in your campaign.


That’s why marketing is more like science than baking.


In marketing, we try lots of shit; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. 


Even when we follow the recipe.


So in today’s AI Prompt, we are going to try four different copywriting frameworks to see which one will create the highest converting Meta ad copy.


U – Uplevel Ads

A counterintuitive open hook that provides instant audience positioning


What I love:

  • Counterintuitive Opening Hook – Going against the grain is a great way to grab attention
  • Audience Positioning – Within the first 14 words, someone knows if they are in the right place or not. Want to be featured in the media? Well, read on.
  • Inferred Authority – People ask me all the time who my publicity team is. This is inferring that Susie gets lots of media attention and you should pay attention to her.


What I’d test:

  • Susie has lot’s of ad copy variations in the ad library but they all use the same ad copy. Even if you have found your unbeatable ad you should always be testing. You never know whey your winning ad will keel over and die.
  • I’d break up the text to make it easier to read. Aim for one line of text max, and never go over two. Single lines make it easier to read.
  • The image above is only ⅓ of the ad. I’d test shorter ads formats as it give Meta an opportunity to follow up and show people a variety of ads. Remember, not everyone is ready to register straight away. 

UPLEVEL ADS – Ad Swipe Files:



N – Now Launching

Price anchoring an evergreen offer to drive sales

If you are launching an evergreen webinar, a question that will quickly come up is:


Should I promote the offer I’m selling through my evergreen funnel on my website?


The answer is yes, but the level of detail on your sales page depends.


Susie uses one of my favorite approaches.


She uses her always-available sales page to price anchor her evergreen offer.


People aren’t stupid. 


When you make them an evergreen offer, they will do their research.


This means you can make them feel like the evergreen offer is a steal.


In this case, Susie has her course listed on her website for $2,997.


However, when you go through her webinar funnel, you can buy it for $497.


This will result in a massive conversion bump for your evergreen funnel.


Of course, you can still sell your full-priced course during your live launches.


The price difference is normally justified by an element of live coaching which isn’t offered on Evergreen.


NOW LAUNCHING – Offer Page Swipe Files:


C – Conversion Optimization

5 Actionable Reciprocity-Triggering Strategies

 Are you leveraging the power of Reciprocity to grow your online business?


If you want to scale your online course or membership fast, weave Reciprocity through the very fabric of your business.  


Here are 5 actionable reciprocity-triggering strategies you can apply immediately.   


  1. Give valuable freebies: High-quality and high-value lead magnets are the #1 way to leverage reciprocity. Remember, high value is not the amount of stuff you give, it is the momentum it helps your audience build. Give them something to get them moving toward their goals.


  1. Make offers after pre-launch content: Warm your audience up by delivering a webinar, multi-part pre-launch workshop, challenge or live event. Deliver value that helps your audience commit to getting a result. Then offer them the vehicle to get the result they want.


  1. Make your students the hero of your stories: Sharing your client’s success stories is a win-win-win. Your client gets recognition. Your audience sees the path ahead. You win because your status as a guide is elevated. It makes your community highly attractive. 


  1. Leverage user-generated content: With Zoom and Riverside.fm at your fingertips, it has never been easier to record testimonials. Ask your students where they were before joining, what made them sign up, how their life has changed, and what’s now possible for them.


  1. Ask this question every day: Who can I serve today, and how can help them move one step closer to their goals? This isn’t just about your paid clients. Build a culture of service in your business. Seek out people to help for no other reason than you want to see them succeed.

H – Hot Take

What are the 3 things you need to get right to grow your business?


Every online business is a mess. 


From one that is turning $10,000 – $100,000,000 a year. 


The only difference is the $100,000,000 a year is getting the important things right.


Your goal is to discover the 2/3 important things you need to get right in your business.



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