Price anchoring an evergreen offer to drive sales

Price anchoring an evergreen offer to drive sales

If you are launching an evergreen webinar, a question that will quickly come up is:


Should I promote the offer I’m selling through my evergreen funnel on my website?


The answer is yes, but the level of detail on your sales page depends.


Susie uses one of my favorite approaches.


She uses her always-available sales page to price anchor her evergreen offer.


People aren’t stupid. 


When you make them an evergreen offer, they will do their research.


This means you can make them feel like the evergreen offer is a steal.


In this case, Susie has her course listed on her website for $2,997.


However, when you go through her webinar funnel, you can buy it for $497.


This will result in a massive conversion bump for your evergreen funnel.


Of course, you can still sell your full-priced course during your live launches.


The price difference is normally justified by an element of live coaching which isn’t offered on Evergreen.


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