Inside an A++ Evergreen Membership Funnel

Inside an A++ Evergreen Membership Funnel

Inside an A++ Evergreen Membership Funnel

Unlock the secrets behind an Evergreen Membership Funnel and learn the 60-second sales copywriting hook formula, discover a high-converting story-based ad format, and explore an A++ evergreen membership offer page. Swipe files included!
Inside an A++ Evergreen Membership Funnel

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Your 60-second sales copywriting hook formula

Your 60-second sales copywriting hook formula

I love big-name copywriter funnels.

Yes, their copy will be awesome (you’d hope….right!).

But they’re close enough to the funnel game to have cracked their funnel structure too.

Let’s dive into a cheeky little membership funnel for one of the biggest names in copy.…

….Kevin Rogers – Copy Chief.


Discover How To Convert Skeptics Into Raving Fans In One Minute Or Less


A 60-Second Sales Hook… 


Need I say more?


Every marketer knows how important a strong hook is.


And most have spent hours trying to draft the perfect hook for an opt-in page or ad.


So yes the promise is clear and the problem being solved is a #1 pain point.


But what I love most about both the pre-head and headline is that it is timebound.


Now in the pre-header, it is time-bound for the subject. 


Your reader will be converted into a raving fan in one minute or less.


I read the headline as I will be able to create a sales hook in 60 seconds.


In both cases, we are being made feel as if this is a massive shortcut. 


It’s quick and easy and it removes a major pain point from our life.


And the real knockout punch is the quote from legendary copywriter John Charlton.


“Kevin is the GREATEST copywriter I know” 


This goes to show us that you don’t need a massive volume of social proof


You just need the right social proof.


Here’s the below-the-fold section. Painfully simple and impactful.


This page has instantly jumped into my top 5 opt-in pages I’ve reviewed.

It packs a punch but is simple and feels light.

There is some much you can take away from this for your opt-in page design.

Make sure you download the swipe files here:

Lead Magnet Opt-in Page Swipe File


A high converting story-based ad format


Yes, your ad copy should always focus on your audience.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t tell your story.


Especially when your story reflects the struggles and ambitions of your audience.


I love how this is almost a mini-hero’s journey story.


  • I was a dead broke comedian, 
  • I discovered a joke formula that works as a sales hook
  • I thought it to others
  • Now, I earn more in a month than I did in a year
  • And I would like to show you to do the same


We can all follow this storytelling approach in our ads.


What story are you going to tell?


And here is a bonus, super short-form ad from Kevin. 


This is next-level copywriting.


For every lead magnet and offer, our goal should be to distill it down into 1 sentence.


A sentence that positions our audience describes the problem that it solves and the transformation it provides.


So much pain and disappointment could be solved if online business owners did this exercise before they ever launched a promotion, campaign, or offer.


Facebook Ad Swipe Files

An A++ evergreen membership offer page


This is a low-key funnel. 


There is no big push or pressure on the upsell


In fact, after opt-in for the lead magnet you are redirected to a thank you page.


On the thank you page, there is a button to find out more about the membership.


If I had one point for testing on this funnel, it would be to send people directly to the offer.


For me, this doesn’t do any harm, but it maximizes your conversion surface area.


Such a huge part of marketing is understanding the fears and frustrations of your audience.


Kevin does a great job of this below the call to action button.


He lists the 3 major frustrations and then gives the reader the alternative.


And instead, you want to walk the proven path to becoming a CONFIDENT, RESPECTED, PRO COPYWRITER, whose calendar stays booked solid with qualified, collaborative clients who respect both the craft and the copywriter… then, please, read on…


A proven path – booked solid – qualified clients – respect.


4 massive things that copywriters are looking for.


None of this is fancy copy. Look at how simple it is.


It’s power is how it displays a deep understanding and intimate knowledge of his audience.


Take a minute to do this exercise for your business now.


  • What are the three biggest frustrations of your audience (1 line description)
  • What is the dream outcome for your audience? (2-3 lines)


This is 80/20, $10,000 per hour work.


Crack this and you go a long way to building a profitable and rewarding online business.


Offer Page Swipe Files: