How to Capture Attention and Increase Conversions with Ad Copy

How to Capture Attention and Increase Conversions with Ad Copy


What to copy:

  • This ad has a text book implementation of the A.I.D.A approach to copy.
  • First, it captures Attention simply and effectively – “Getting a nudge that a side hustle is in your future? ✨”. Talking to a future dream of your audience is a great opening hook for an ad.
  • This instantly positions your audience. It lets them know they are in the right place.
  • The attention is maintained by describing key elements of the future dream. Getting into specific details – “finest pair of yoga pants”, “Investing your time in your dreams instead of someone else’s”, “feeling excited to check your bank account”. 
  • When you describe, in detail, your audience’s deepest dreams, you draw them into your story and set them up to want to take the action you desire
  • Next up is the Interest section. People find stats and numbers interesting. This is also a good section to establish authority. Amy achieves this by telling us she started her side hustle 13 years ago and has helped 46,000 entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams.
  • In addition to provoking interest, Amy establishes authority but also provides us with social proof.
  • Great use of emojis throughout the ad. Emojis make the ad more exciting and easy to read. Avoid overuse, but a liberal sprinkle of well throughout emojis will increase your ads’ conversion rates.
  • Scarcity established with “new limited-time course”
  • Next, Amy builds Desire. I love this line – “Ready to trade daydreams for a proven step-by-step process for less than it costs to order take out on your lunch break?”
  • From fluffy to concrete – daydreams to a proven step-by-step process. People want proven step-by-step processes. This is a phrase we use a lot in our ad copy to great effect.
  • “less than it costs to order take out on your lunch break”. Every time you can position a cost relative to a perceived low-cost daily item, it will increase conversions.
  • And finally, Action. Amy is very clear about what people get once they register, the timelines to delivery, and a bonus that answers the specific objection of “I don’t know how to quit my job”. The two link sandwich is an approach we implement in most ads. Give them a direct Call To Action, reiterate some key elements of the offer, and then provide another call to action.

You can download the ad copy and creative for your swipe file here: 

SWIPE FILE0033 – Amy Porterfield – Facebook Ad to Masterclass