How to Optimize Retargeting Ads for Higher Conversions

How to Optimize Retargeting Ads for Higher Conversions

Your Facebook ads shouldn’t stop when you close registration for your pre-launch workshop.

Nope, that’s the exact point they should kick into overdrive.

Today’s Facebook Ad examples are from an open cart Facebook ad campaign for Bonnie Christine’s, Immersion course 

This is a once a year launch for a $1,997 course. B

Bonnie has just wrapped up her pre-launch and has now entered that magical open cart period.

I have picked two ads to review today. 

Ad 1 is a sales page retargeting ad.

Ad 2 is a retargeting people who registered for or interacted with her pre-launch content

Let’s dive in….

Ad 1 


Ad 2


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • When using retargeting you are in control of who sees your ad based on the actions they have taken. Make the most of what you know about them. Make them feel like you are talking directly to them.
    Ad 1 opens with – “Cold feet about joining the Surface Design Immersion class of 2023? That’s okay, my pattern-loving friend. 💕”. If someone has checked out your sales page but has not purchased this is a great way to connect with them. To a cold audience this would be a horrible hook.

    Ad 2 opens with – “Hello, creative friend! Let’s keep the momentum flowing”. Again this would be a horrible opening hook to a cold audience but for someone who has experienced the excitement, energy and momentum of the pre-launch this is bound to capture their attention. 

Remember you can stack triggered events to tailor ads specifically for people who have visited all 3 pages of a pre-launch funnel or people who have visited just one. Again this gives you plenty of interesting messaging options.

  • Don’t be afraid to call out objections in your ad copy especially for bottom of funnel retargeting ads to drive sales. Take a look at Section 2 of Ad 1. People who are in the purchase consideration phase have lots of questions. In general most people have very similar questions. Bonnie calls out these objections – Time, Money, Self-Belief. In just one section she hits on 3 of the 5 primary objections to buying anything. (hit reply and I’ll tell you the other 2!)
  • Use testimonials in your ads. Having 50 brilliant testimonials on your sales page is useless unless people see them. Don’t just use testimonials to make the sale. Use testimonials to get people interested in visiting your sales page. Christine does this to great effect in the desire section of Ad 1.

3 Elements We’d Test:

  • Avoid vague and flowery language. A headline in Ad 1 reads – “🌿Building a brand that embodies their essence . . .” I have no idea what this means. It may be something that a client said once but it isn’t very concrete. You need to land the plane for people.
    …..Build a unique and profitable business

    Also try to avoid words that end with “ing”. “Build a brand” is a stronger than “Building a brand”.

  • Avoid telling people your course is transformative. Show them. We are told our programs should change people’s lives so everyone says their course or membership is transformative. Your customers don’t know what that means. Be specific about how their life will change. Otherwise you are just using fluffy filler words.

  • Testimonial Carousel. Across this campaign Bonnie has used video to great effect. I would also test image carousels. Create nice graphics of each testimonial. Stack the best 6 and create a testimonial carousel ad. After every second testimonial include a promo image for the program but include an arrow to tell viewers that there are more testimonials to come.