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L – Latest News

Love watching Reels but tired of seeing crap you’re not interested in?

Well, good news! Facebook is introducing three new features, including personalization controls that allow you to customize what you want to see more or less of.

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Meta has made an unannounced and rather drastic update to location targeting

This impacts advertisers who cannot ship outside of a particular location, politics, government, and schools, services for homeowners, and tourism. Although there has been no official statement as to why the change was needed, it could be due to privacy concerns, or the algorithm will sort it out.

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Are you tired of making ads that no one watches?

With new additions to Video reach campaigns and YouTube Select, you can maximize efficient reach, appear alongside trending Shorts, and make the long and Shorts of YouTube yours. So why not tap into the boom of short-form video and reach highly engaged audiences on YouTube?

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A – A.I. For Growth

A.I. Prompt of the Week

Prompt Objective: 

  • Identify and provide responses to purchase objection 


Prompt Outline:

I want you to act as a direct response marketing and copywriting expert.


My product/membership is {…..}, and it helps people do {….}.


My avatar is {….}


Please identify the 5 primary objections my avatar will have to buying my product/membership.


For each objection, please draft a response. 


Please turn each objection into a reason why they need my product/memebrship by linking it to a goal, dream or ambition they wish to achieve. 


Use a {fun, relaxed, informal} tone. Your response should sound human and pass all AI detection tests. 


Write in the style of {Gary Halbert, David Olgvily, Eugene Schwartz} 


Please keep each response under 200 words.


Prompt Use Case

  • Offer page copy
  • Launch sequence email copy
  • Launch sequence social posts
  • Social Posts
  • Social Videos

Latest A.I. Tools

Say goodbye to boring slides and hello to professional and engaging presentations with just a few clicks

With the power of AI, you can now create stunning presentation slides that will make your audience go “Wow!” in seconds. Don’t believe me? Give it a try and thank me later!

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Need to get your creative juices flowing?

PromptPal’s got your back with high-quality prompts that’ll take your productivity from zero to hero. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to your prompt superpower.

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Your secret weapon for effortless marketing personas

Extract personas from your competitors, generate professional texts, and paste them into all your marketing tools. It’s like cheating, but in a totally legal and hilarious way. So, save your time and sanity and GETitOUT now!

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U – Uplevel Ads 

A 3-day virtual event is one of the best ways to sell a high ticket offer. Now, definitions vary, but I classify high ticket as anything over $3,000.

As you ask your audience to commit 3-days of their lives to the process, offering the event for free will devalue the experience. To make sure you attract your perfect-fit clients the standard practice is to charge between $99 and $299 for the event. You can also upsell a VIP package for an addition $49 to $199.

And that is exactly what Christian Mickelsen is launching this month.

Let’s dive into his Facebook ad:


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • Great application of the A.I.D.A copywriting approached used in this ad. A.I.D.A is one of the simplest and long standing copywriting approach but it’s one that I use everytime I sit down to draft copy. If you haven’t brushed up on your A.I.D.A in a while here is a great blog post from Neville Medhora – A.I.D.A
  • One of the best way to grab people’s attention is to call out an problem or pain point they are experiencing. “Do you feel like you’re struggling to attract clients for your coaching business?” This is such a good opening line. 1) It calls out the avatar, 2) It calls out their #1 top of mind issue, 3) The addition of “feel” makes it less confrontational than – “Are you struggling to attract clients”.
  • Once you have captured their attention you want to stoke interest. A great way of doing this is to connect with them through a positive compliment – “As a coach, you have a skill, talent, or gift that can make a huge difference in people’s lives.” Stroking someones ego is a great way to get them interested in reading further.


N – Now Launching


3 Elements To Inspire Your Landing Pages:

  • David Ogilvy (if you don’t know who he is…look him up!) said – “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. Christian has a nice twist on a powerful headline formula – How to get {primary desire} even if {reasons people think it won’t work for them}. Another version of this headline formula is How to get {primary desire} without {primary pain}
  • Give them what they want – You’ll leave with a proven action plan for getting clients consistently and transforming your coaching business. Personally I am not a fan of using the word “transformation”. Yes we want to promise transformation but it’s much more powerful when we can pain the picture of what the specific transformation is for our audience. “Exponentially Grow Your Coaching Business – While Working A Fraction Of The Time” is painting the transformation. More of this please Christian!
  • If in doubt just tell people you will show them how to use A.I. Shut up…take my credit card. No copywriting skills needed!



C – Conversion Psychology 


“The person who can afford to spend the most to acquire a new customer, wins.” 


A classic Dan Kennedy quote.


Your 1 line online business growth strategy.


If you’re using Facebook ads to sell digital products using this strategy you need to understand your CPL Ceiling.


Let’s dive in


The CPL Ceiling is the maximum Cost Per Lead (CPL) you can afford while still maintaining profitability. It’s essential to know your CPL Ceiling, so you can optimize your Facebook Ads and strike the perfect balance between ad spend and profit.


How to calculate your CPL Ceiling? It’s simple! Divide your target profit margin by the average Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). This magic number will help you set a cap on your ad spend per lead, ensuring you stay profitable while scaling your campaigns! 


I know how much everyone loves math so let’s do a quick CPL Ceiling calculation! With a $3,000 LTV and a 50% profit margin, your CPL Ceiling is $50 (1,500/3,000*100). Spend up to $50 per lead while keeping profits high. 


So, you’ve got your CPL Ceiling. Now, it’s time to optimize! Here’s how:


  1. a) Test ad elements: Experiment with headlines, images, and CTAs to lower CPL. 
  2. b) Targeting: Test audiences to reach high-value prospects with lower CPL. 
  3. c) Monitor & adjust: Keep an eye on your CPL and tweak campaigns as needed.


Using the CPL Ceiling to drive sales of digital products:


  1. a) Create irresistible offers: Bundle products or offer bonuses to increase perceived value. 
  2. b) Mini-Front End Offers: Create immediate post-opt-in upsell offers for instant 
  3. c) Nurture leads: Craft high converting post opt in email sales sequences to convert leads into customers. 


RECAP: The CPL Ceiling is a powerful concept that helps you optimize Facebook Ads for profitability. By calculating your max CPL and adjusting campaigns accordingly, you’ll be able to scale your ads, drive sales of digital products, and win in the competitive market! 


H – Hot Take


Whatever you are struggling with today is your pathway to a better future.


Get excited everytime an obstacle enters your life.


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