How to structure your Pre-Launch Workshop

How to structure your Pre-Launch Workshop

How to structure your Pre-Launch Workshop

You know we love nothing more than a good launch around here.


And they don’t come any better than Stu McLaren’s Membership Workshop launch.


Stu’s once-a-year launch is a masterpiece.


Let’s look at the lineup for Stu’s workshop.


Part 1 – The Membership Movement (Thursday, April 4 at 3 pm ET)

  • The 3 characteristics of a great membership market
  • Is your market suited to a membership?
  • A powerful tool to determine if your membership idea will flop or fly


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Part 2 – The Success Path (Monday, April 8 at 3 pm ET)

  • The simple but most important element of any membership site
  • The 4 real reasons why people will join your membership
  • What hooks your members to stay and keep paying month after month


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Part 3 – The Membership Blueprint (Thursday, April 8 at 3 pm ET)

  • Stu’s proven step-by-step for starting a low-stress, highly profitable membership
  • What you need to attract the right members and keep them for the long haul
  • The most important steps that can make or break any membership business


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If you want to attract leads or sell stuff online, you need to pay attention to this launch. 


A couple of weeks ago, we looked at Phase 1 – Launch Awareness.


Today, we’re going to look at Phase 2 – Pre-Launch Engagement.


Stu’s running with a traditional 3 part workshop launch.


Stu’s launch follows Jeff Walker’s PLF model closely with a couple of Stu’y tweaks.


If you’ve been online for over 5 minutes, you’ve probably experienced a PLF Launch.


The “explain it to me like I’m 5”, version of a PLF launch is –

  • Run 3 workshops over 3/7 days (Pre-Launch)
  • Then make an offer for people to join your program for 4/7 days (Open Cart)


Nice and simple in theory……..BUT……


The biggest mistake I see people (even experienced launchers) make is sequencing.


Just teaching 3 random topics in your workshop isn’t going to move people to buy.

Pay attention to how Stu structures and sequences his workshop topics.


Let’s put ourselves into the shoes of Stu’s perfect-fit client.


Maybe you have an existing coaching, service, or bricks-and-mortar business.


Or maybe you are working a 9-to-5.


You know you need to make a change. 


Maybe your cash flow is lumpy, or you’re sick of working 80 hours a week. 


You know there is a better way to make money and live your life.


You’ve heard of memberships before, but you are not sure if they are for you.


What’s your #1 question or pain point?


Can a membership work for me? Will my idea work? Do people want it?


And that’s exactly what Stu answers in his first Workshop.


We have to meet our perfect-fit client where they are. 


Stu goes all in on the big opportunity in Workshop 1.


Now, if you have bought into the opportunity, the very next question you’ll have is:


What will I include in my membership? Will people buy it? Will people stay in it?


And that’s what Stu covers in Workshop 2.


Then, finally, in Workshop 3, Stu outlines the entire process of building a profitable membership business.


So, in Workshop 1, we get people excited about the opportunity and show them it is possible for them to achieve. 


In Workshop 2, we show people how they could make that a reality and help them connect with what that reality would look like for them.  


Finally, we show them that we have a plan to get them from where they are today to where they want to go.


First, we’ve got to get our audience to commit to mastering the process.


Then we need to instill the belief that they can achieve the promised outcome.


And finally we demonstrate that we have a pathway to get them where they want to go.


No one does this better than Stu.


And if you want to see the master in action, so you can model his launch for yourself….


Make sure you don’t miss the first Workshop today: