Workshop Opt-ins: Advanced Facebook Ad Techniques

Workshop Opt-ins: Advanced Facebook Ad Techniques

Running Facebook ads to a fixed date launch workshop in the future normally increases  your cost per lead.

The biggest reason for this is delayed gratification.

People want to feel all their problems will be solved when they hit the submit button.

Waiting for a live workshop decreases this feeling and lowers your conversion rate.

Lining up immediately available lead magnets in front of your launch workshop will both decrease your front-end cost per lead and increase your workshop opt-in rates.

When someone takes action towards a goal by opting in for a lead magnet, there is an immediate dopamine hit.

If that is followed by a free offer that takes them one more step closer to their goals, the dopamine wave will carry them to opt-in before they can even think about it.

But even if it doesn’t, you now have their email address and the opportunity to get them excited about your pre-launch workshop.

Let’s take a look at Stu’s ads for each of his lead magnets:


This is where we start to see the real power of having multiple lead magnets.


Stu can customize his ad copy to target the specific challenges and fears of that avatar.


The amazing thing about Meta is it can hunt down and display ads to people who are in this phase.


We can see Stu stepping up his messaging in this ad to talk more about the potential of your membership business.


Calculators are fantastic lead magnets that produce low CPLs and are massive link-building SEO assets. 


If you are just considering memberships as an option talking about 6, 7, or 8-figure businesses will not resonate with you. 


But it’s sure to capture people’s attention who have put some thought into their membership. 


Again, we see the progression in the copy from calculating how much you could make in your membership to creating and scaling your membership.