High-Converting Sales Page Strategies for Course Creators

High-Converting Sales Page Strategies for Course Creators

Learn proven techniques to create high-converting sales pages that resonate with your audience and drive success for your online courses.

Onto this high-converting sales page.

Straight up, the headline is hard to read. 

You are better off with no hero image than one that interferes with your headline.

I’m going to give Nathania a break here. 

I narrowed the window width to screen grab the page.

However, testing your hero in various dimensions is important.

Your hero may look perfect on your desktop, but on smaller-resolution desktops or mobiles, it may look completely different.

I use this Chrome extension nearly every day: https://www.webmobilefirst.com/.

It shows you what your landing page looks like in various formats. 

iPhone 13 View


MacBook Air View


24 Inch iMac View


My approach is design for mobile, and make sure you have a CTA above the fold on all devices.

On a sales page the CTA in the hero should bring people to the offer stack near the bottom of your sales page.

This makes sure potential customers have a good grasp of the value before they see the price.

Observations and tests I’d run:

  • This is a textbook sales page hero section. Specific tangible promise, linked to desirable transforamtion.
  • Countdown timer for deadline urgency
  • Social proof – 8,000 yogis fly upside down
  • Unique method – (I’d prefer if this was named) to get primary desire with primary frustrations.  
  • Check out the mobile view section under the video. I love “Gravity Panic” if you can label a fear your perfect-fit client has in a cool way they are going to instantly believe you will  be able to help them overcome their fear.
  • Video with a crazy face still frame will trigger people to press play just to see what is going on.

Sales Page Swipe Files: