How to Master the Organic Traffic to Your Webinar Funnel

How to Master the Organic Traffic to Your Webinar Funnel

How to Master the Organic Traffic to Your Webinar Funnel

Unlock the secrets of organic business growth and discover how to scale your online business without relying on ads.
How to Master the Organic Traffic to Your Webinar Funnel

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Organic Business Growth Without Ads

Another friend of the L.A.U.N.C.H Newsletter, Ross Bridgeford, has just wrapped up his Live Energized Alkaline Diet Launch.

Watching someone selling a marketing or online business growth product is a great way to learn about launching. And, I think it is equally important to watch high-grossing launchers in other industries too.


Ross has built a large and loyal following.

47.4% of his traffic is direct. This means either traffic he or his JV’s send. 45.19% of his traffic comes from organic searches.

It looks like Ross spends $0 on paid advertising. Proof that you can build a big business online without running ads. (And if you have the patience!)

The remaining traffic all comes from Facebook. Proof that you don’t need to be on all the social platforms to build an online business either.

Some key takeaways:

  1. Pre-headers are valuable. Ross packs in 3 critical bits of info. It’s FREE. It’s on-demand – let’s people know it is pre-recorded, and they don’t need to attend live. The dates of the workshop. There is no need to list the specific dates, just the range so people can prepare.
  2. He uses a version of the primary promise + (without) headline and twists it positively. Get the result you want while making it easy and enjoyable.
  3. Ross immediately calls out one of the big frustrations – “yo-yo” and “stop-start” most people will connect with this as part of their journey.
  4. I don’t think he needs to repeat the headline in the body copy – “easy achievable lifestyle”.
  5. I think he misses a trick outlining the benefits of alkalinity. There is no transformation anywhere in this section. There is a big opportunity to up conversion rates on this page. 
  6. “Click to Sign Up” is a lazy call to action. Include the outcome or transformation in your CTA for better results
  7. The below the fold section is strong. It would be stronger if it focused more on the transformation. It is primarily focused on the stuff of the workshop rather than what people’s lives will be like when they have completed the workshop. In saying that it does make me curious about what the 20% that will get me the greates results are and how I could make these habits automatic. 
  8. By the way check out Atomic Habits. If you can work the principles of this book into your program you will get massive results for your audience.


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