Profitable Launch Strategies for Membership Success

Profitable Launch Strategies for Membership Success

Profitable Launch Strategies for Membership Success

Unlock the secrets to profitable launch strategies for membership success in this comprehensive guide. Dive deep into proven techniques for building anticipation, creating buzz, and maximizing conversions. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this post will equip you with the tools and insights you need to launch your membership with confidence and achieve lasting success.
Profitable Launch Strategies for Membership Success

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How to Craft Successful Launch Strategies

The key to a successful launch is having a rabid audience that’s whipped into a frenzy.

An audience waiting impatiently for an opportunity to buy something from you.

So the question becomes, how do we whip our audience into a buying frenzy?

The answer; We show them a future so good it makes their wildest dreams look dull.

It might sound easy, but it’s not.

The key is painting a future beyond their wildest dreams that they believe they can achieve.

Sure, we can make massive promises, but how do we make people believe this time will be different? 

How do we show them this time they will get the promised results?

We do this by: 

  1. Understanding their current pain points and frustrations and what’s stopping them from moving forward
  2. Being able to speak accurately about their primary goals, dreams, and ambitions. 
  3. Showing them a set of simple steps to take them from where they are to where they want to go.
  4. Proving you have a proven framework to get them to where they want to go.
  5. Proving you are the person they want to lead them to where they want to go.

Let’s dive into Stu’s funnel.

Most launch funnels start with the promotion of a pre-launch workshop or webinar.

Stu starts well in advance with not just 1 lead magnet but multiple lead magnets.

The lead magnets align with the awareness and experience levels of the different avatars who will go onto to purchase his course.

Looking through the Meta Ad Library, I have found 4 different lead magnet offers:


This is aimed at the least aware people. 

They like the idea of an online business but have no idea where to start.


This is aimed at people who have considered membership and who Stu wants to get excited about the revenue opportunity of launching their membership.


This is aimed at people who are ready to launch their membership and want to discover the best way possible to do it.

This is aimed at existing membership site owners who want to scale and grow and existing membership.

These clearly line up with the 4 potential avatars:

  • Can I leave my 9-5 or build an online business?
  • I want to launch an online business, but will I make enough money?
  • I have an idea for a membership, but how do I launch it?
  • How do I scale my membership?


If you have a digital offer, you are going to have multiple avatars who will purchase.


How are you supporting each of them based on where they are today?


How are you showing them that you understand their pain points and their primary frustrations?


How are you tailoring your messaging to show them that you understand their primary goals and desires?


Each of the 4 lead magnets lead beautifully into the:



This is Stu’s pre-launch workshop leading to his course – The Membership Experience.


After people opt-in for any of the lead magnets they are immediately offered a seat on the Membership Workshop.

This is a great example of meeting people where they are, giving them a tiny step to take that solves a key pain point, and then giving them a simple next step to take.

Do yourself a favour and click on any of the links above and register for Stu’s Membership Workshop. You won’t be disappointed!

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Workshop Opt-ins: Advanced Facebook Ad Techniques

Running Facebook ads to a fixed date launch workshop in the future normally increases  your cost per lead.

The biggest reason for this is delayed gratification.

People want to feel all their problems will be solved when they hit the submit button.

Waiting for a live workshop decreases this feeling and lowers your conversion rate.

Lining up immediately available lead magnets in front of your launch workshop will both decrease your front-end cost per lead and increase your workshop opt-in rates.

When someone takes action towards a goal by opting in for a lead magnet, there is an immediate dopamine hit.

If that is followed by a free offer that takes them one more step closer to their goals, the dopamine wave will carry them to opt-in before they can even think about it.

But even if it doesn’t, you now have their email address and the opportunity to get them excited about your pre-launch workshop.

Let’s take a look at Stu’s ads for each of his lead magnets:

This is where we start to see the real power of having multiple lead magnets.


Stu can customize his ad copy to target the specific challenges and fears of that avatar.


The amazing thing about Meta is it can hunt down and display ads to people who are in this phase.


We can see Stu stepping up his messaging in this ad to talk more about the potential of your membership business.


Calculators are fantastic lead magnets that produce low CPLs and are massive link-building SEO assets. 


If you are just considering memberships as an option talking about 6, 7, or 8-figure businesses will not resonate with you. 


But it’s sure to capture people’s attention who have put some thought into their membership. 


Again, we see the progression in the copy from calculating how much you could make in your membership to creating and scaling your membership.


And finally, to existing membership site owners. 

And the real key to business growth – Retention.


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Monetizing Pre-Launch Workshops: VIP Upsell Mastery

But Stu doesn’t kick back and put his feet up there. 

There’s money to be made before he even launches his course.

More and more, the big launchers are moving towards liquidating the cost of their ads before they open the doors to their paid products.

In this case, Stu has a lovely little $47 VIP upsell package for his free pre-launch workshop. 

Once you opt-in for The Membership Workshop you are offered a VIP Fast Pass.

Like all good upsells, it offers a shortcut.

In this case a shortcut to go from learning to implementation to quick, profitable results.

“Start building your membership with confidence”


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