Increase Your Conversion Rate with Scarcity and Urgency

Increase Your Conversion Rate with Scarcity and Urgency


Scarcity and urgency are the two best ways to increase your conversion rate.

But most online business owners don’t know how to apply them for maximum effect. Here are five powerful psychology principles to help you increase your conversion rate…

…that will send you course and membership sales through the roof 

Conversion rate optimization strategies

  1. Limited-Time Offer: Create a sense of urgency by providing a deadline. Set a specific date and time when your offer ends. This will encourage potential customers to act quickly, not wanting to miss out on the opportunity and will increase your conversion rate.
  2. Limited Enrolment: Cap the number of people who can enroll in your course or program. This creates exclusivity and a sense of urgency. Prospective students will want to enroll quickly before the course fills up. 
  3. Limited Access: Restrict access to your course or membership. Only allow enrollment during your launches and make sure people are aware that if they miss this chance they will have to wait until you next launch if they want to sign up.
  4. Limited Time Bonuses: Add bonuses that are only available for a limited time. These bonuses should be valuable enough to make prospective students act fast to enroll before they miss out on the extra benefits. 
  5. Early-Bird Discount: Reward your early customers with a special price. This is a time-sensitive offer that creates urgency and scarcity. Prospective students will want to enroll early to take advantage of the discount before it expires. 

There you have it! Five scarcity and urgency tactics that will make your online course or membership irresistible and will help you increase your conversion rate. Start implementing these conversion rate optimization tools today and watch your conversions grow.