Sales Copywriting Secrets Revealed with 3 Killer Facebook Ads

Sales Copywriting Secrets Revealed with 3 Killer Facebook Ads

3 Killer Facebook Ads

#1. Danger Sensitive Content


I love this ad creative.

We’ve got a “secret” so effective it has been designated as sensitive. 

If you want to popularize anything, get it banned.

The second people feel they can’t have something, they want it all the more.


#2. Stories Sell


Simplicity is the key to a hot offer.


It’s easy to write ad copy for a hot offer. 


That’s because 90% of a high-converting ad comes before a single letter is typed.


  • Story Sells (So do these emails!)


In just 6 words, Bill hits the pain point, the promise, and the desired transformation.


If you run an online business writing emails that sell keeps you awake at night.


Problem solved.




#3 The 1 Page Promise


Anytime you can take something complex and distill it into 1-page, it’ll be a hit.

Especially if it is something big like productivity.

With a simple and powerful promise, you don’t need many words to get people to act.

There are few entrepreneurs who haven’t stressed over productivity.

Most systems take longer to implement than they could ever save you.

But Brendon is making it simple. Everything on 1 page.