Optimizing Webinar Registration: For Your Next Launch

Optimizing Webinar Registration For Your Next Launch

Optimizing Webinar Registration For Your Next Launch

Unlock the secrets to optimizing webinar registration and dive into effective tactics for maximizing opt-ins on your webinar landing page.
Optimizing Webinar Registration: For Your Next Launch

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Optimizing Webinar Registration: Clean Opt-in Page Analysis


Mark Lack is launching his ShortenTheGap Program. 

The screenshot is an above-the-fold view of the registration page for the launch webinar.

In the second half of the page (not shown above) Mark has gone for simple testimonials and a bio section.

I always encourage people to start with a simple single-screen opt-in.

Everything people need to register should be contained on a single screen.

Once you have optimized the above-the-fold section to a conversion rate above 50%, you can start testing testimonials and bio below the fold.

Some key takeaways:

  • I love the top banner – $100 CASH giveaway on this training. $100 hardly seems worth my while, but I appreciate that you don’t want the incentive to be the only reason why someone registers and shows up. For Mark, I think that $1,000 is worth testing. For us, mere mortals, maybe a 1-on-1 strategy session or something of value that people can’t get free elsewhere.
  • In a trend that we see over and over Mark stresses the FREE training twice on the page. Many people shy away from this as they don’t want to attract people who are only interested in free stuff but I think the evidence is clear that it increases conversion rates.
  • It is interesting that Mark makes the headline about him and doesn’t flip it to “how you can”
  • Impact millions is a little vague. This is definitely an area that could be strengthened. Yes, people want to believe that they are impact-driven. This is a powerful alternative to filling your pockets with cash.
  • 30-50 clients per month is specific. However, I would also test a single number. One way to arrive at this number could be to add up all the clients attracted in a year and divide that number by 12 ((504/12) = 42). Saying how I attracted 42 clients per month is a stronger and more compelling proposition.
  • Timers work a treat the closer it gets to the deadline. If you are 7 days away from a deadline a countdown time may work against you as people think, “oh I have plenty of time. I’ll come back and make that decision later”. Countdown timers are most effective from 72 hours to the deadline.
  • Below the image, you will notice a section with the Facebook follow and share button. This is a simple piece of code that you can generate in the Meta for Developers portal and add to any page. There are a few reasons why I love this. First, if you have a large page, it is a great way of demonstrating social proof. Second, it makes it very easy for people to share. And thirdly, if you are friends with anyone who likes the page, their name will display in the widget. Seeing your friend’s name on an opt-in page will massively increase your likelihood of signing up.

Webinar Opt-in Page Swipe Files