3 Reasons Why Your Sales Funnel Isn't Converting

3 Reasons Why Your Sales Funnel Isn’t Converting

3 Reasons Why Your Sales Funnel Isn’t Converting

3 Reasons Why Your Sales Funnel Isn't Converting

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Are you struggling to turn leads into sales for your online course or membership? 

There is no feeling worse than looking at your ad campaign, running up your credit card bill, and having 0 sales to show for it.

I get asked to review underperforming funnels all the time. 

And of the hundreds of funnels I’ve reviewed, I’ve identified 3 primary reasons why the funnels are not converting and what to do about it.

Let’s get into it:

Reason 1: The problem the offer solves is unclear

Your offer needs to solve a #1 top-of-mind pain point for your perfect-fit client.

Generic promises like “double your profit” will never inspire people to buy. Be specific about the problem you solve and the pain you will remove from your perfect-fit client’s life when they buy your course or join your membership. 

The more specific you are about the problem you solve, the easier it will be for your perfect-fit client to say yes.

Reason 2: The primary promise of the offer is weak

You can’t out-market a weak offer. 

The outcome you promise has to be so compelling that your perfect-fit client would feel stupid saying no to it. Crafting an offer like that comes down to 1) knowing what your perfect-fit client wants and 2) creating a proven process to help them achieve their dream outcome. 

The more specific you are around the problem you solve, the more specific and appealing you can make your primary promise.

Reason 3: The funnel or offer is confusing

A confused mind always says no. 

People need to flow effortlessly through your funnel. They need to know the next step they need to take and why. Ask them to do one thing and one thing only. Condense your offers into 3-7 day windows, and only send them content related to the offer during that window.

Noise and distractions are the enemy of sales. Keep them focused.

Remember, fixing a funnel isn’t a once-and-done job.

The key to highly profitable funnels and offers is continuous optimization and refinement.

But commit to the process, and you will reap the rewards.