Trend Surfing - How to Use Market Trends To Catch Big Waves For Your Business

Trend Surfing – How to Use Market Trends To Catch Big Waves For Your Business

Trend Surfing – How to Use Market Trends To Catch Big Waves For Your Business

Learn how to craft compelling ad copy by driving straight to the pain, addressing objections, breaking the traditional ad frame, and offering valuable incentives.
Trend Surfing - How to Use Market Trends To Catch Big Waves For Your Business

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I’ll admit I’d never heard of Anik Singal before.

A quick Google and I found out he’s a digital marketer, copywriter, angel investor, speaker, and author.

Anik has testimonials from Les Brown, Daymond John & Robert Kiyosaki, so it looks like he’s rubbing shoulders with the “big boys”.

When I saw his ad on Facebook, I thought to myself….. How f**king smart.

There have been a couple of big names in the online world sued by the Federal Trade Commission in the US for making misleading money-making claims.

There are a lot of online business owners in the money-making space who are now sweating buckets over their offers and what they can and can’t say.

Anik is the first marketer I’ve seen to jump on this trend, catching the wave of concern and confusion created by the FTC cases, and offer guidance to online businesses.

Let’s take a look at Anik’s ad.

Problem Focused Meta Ad Opening Hook


4 Things We Like About This Meta Ad

  • Amplify the pain

Anik drives straight to the pain. “Fed up of hearing what you CAN’T say in your marketing”.

This is a great opener because it also goes against the grain.

Instead of telling you what you can’t say, we are going to tell you what you can say.

So in just 3 lines, Anik has:

  • positioned the reader
  • identified a top-of-mind pain point
  • promised to deliver a primary desire
  • let people know the format – Masterclass
  • told people that it’s free


  • Tackle objections

But what’s someone’s objection likely to be if they can’t make big claims anymore?

That their conversions will plummet.

Anik tackles this objection in the very next line – “how to market compliantly AND convert incredibly well.”

Ignored objections will kill your conversions. The earlier you address them, the better.


  • Break The Frame

I love this little copywriting frame break:

Writing in all caps and splitting each word onto a separate line draws people into the ad and pulls them down the copy to the CTA at the end of the ad.

This frame break will definitely keep people’s attention on the ad for longer and build intrigue and curiosity.


  • A Bribe Within A Bribe

We will be LIVE

We will answer Questions

In a world where automated evergreen webinars and heavily scripted sales webinars are the norm, this is smart.

This is a nuanced topic.

Everyone will want to know specifical how it relates to their business.

Bribe #1 is – come to our free Masterclass.

Bribe #2 is – we will answer your questions

Showing up live will always bring about better results.

If you are doing something live, make sure you promote that to your attendees.


Facebook Ad Swipe Files


The “You’re Wrong” Webinar Opt-in Page Headline 


3 Things We Like About This Webinar Opt-in Page


  • Raise and Crush A Fear

I don’t normally like telling my audience they are wrong, but it works so well in this case.

In fact, I am going to test this on an opt-in page today.

Repeating your audience’s biggest fears or misconceptions is a great setup for pre-headline.

And then use the headline to provide the solution to their fear or misconception.


  • So that + So that

A great way to write a strong headline is to ask so that question.

In this headline, Anik has doubled down. (So that)squared 

“I help you attract quality leads from Facebook ads”

So that?

“You can run profitable online course and membership launches”

So that?

“You can achieve the time, financial, and lifestyle freedom you desire”


  • Video Overlay CTA

Don’t leave it to chance.

If you have a video on your opt-in page.

Which BTW, I don’t normally encourage.

Don’t assume your visitor will hit play.

Upload a still cover image that highlights and asks visitors to click the play button.

– Click here to play the video

Opt-in Page Swipe Files

PS. After a little further investigation, I think I uncovered how Anik developed his expertise in this area. Let’s just say he may be familiar with the FTC’s work.

Fair play, that’s the ultimate in – getting given lemons and making lemonade.