4 Ways to Attract Perfect-Fit Clients at Scale

4 Ways to Attract Perfect-Fit Clients at Scale

I firmly believe that everyone can build a profitable and massively enjoyable online business. Every single week I see success with courses and memberships in the most unusual and unconventional niches.

I see course creators and membership owners who start just a couple of steps ahead of their Perfect-Fit Clients who go on to build massive communities and achieve the time, lifestyle, and financial freedom that they desire, without being the go-to industry expert.

Here are four tips to help you build your online business faster by attracting Profitable Perfect-Fit Clients at Scale.

Know And Have 100% Confidence In The Transformation You Can Provide

You have to be confident that your program or membership can achieve the transformation that you offer in a step-by-step, efficient, and effective manner?

If you have any doubts about your ability to achieve this transformation it isn’t the end of the world, there are a couple of options. You can:
i. Change your Offer
ii. Change the program or membership
iii. Refine your process or framework through 1-to-1 work until you achieve the result you want

Map Their Journey From Start To Finish

You don’t have to be an industry-leading expert to achieve the transformation that you offer. But you have to break your subject into manageable bite-size actionable chunks.

Map out the steps that your Perfect-Fit Clients will need to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

If you have followed my other posts you will have come across my Value Ascension Roadmap which is the transformation plan on which your business is built and which your Perfect-Fit Client will use to chart their journey to the ultimate transformation you provide. 

Your job is to always have them primed to get to their next milestone and then graduate to the next level of your Value Ascension Roadmap. Remember small steps are better than big ones and clarity of outcome is the most critical factor in creating a Roadmap that excites your Perfect-Fit Client

Make It A “No-Brainer” Offer

Can you verbalize the transformation that you offer? Can you make it sound and feel real? Believable. Concrete. Unique. Is your OFFER truly compelling for your Perfect-Fit Client?

Without a doubt, this is the number one problem I see when analyzing launches that flop. Online business owners invest massive amounts of time, effort, energy, and cash in their copy and their funnel and they throw together their offer last minute.

Your Offer is the core promise of your program or membership. It’s the very essence of why your Perfect-Fit Client needs to join. Aspirational, vague, high-level, ambiguous promises that their lives will be better just won’t work. You need to be super specific about how exactly their lives will improve and then you need to convince them how you can help them achieve this.

Whether you are a membership site owner, an online coach, a course creator (and you might not like this, but) you are a direct response marketer. In order to get someone to pull out their Credit Card and spend their hard-earned money, you have to get them excited and show them a better future that they can believe in. 

If you do this job properly your Perfect-Fit Client doesn’t have to read a long-form sales page or be battered over the head by a 27-part email sequence. Often, they don’t even need to see the price. With a knock-out, no-brainer offer, your Perfect-Fit Client will be falling over themselves to give you their money. 

Be The Solution to a Massive Problem 

Our job as Course Creators and Membership Site Owners is to provide solutions to problems people already have rather than coming up with ingenious solutions to problems people don’t yet know they have.

Selling a solution is hard enough but selling a problem that people don’t know they have is even more difficult. That isn’t to say you can’t introduce highly innovative solutions it is just that those solutions have to be rooted in some pain that your Perfect-Fit Client feels regularly.

One of my mentors Perry Marshall coined the phrase Find Bleeding Neck when describing this. Your job is to find your Perfect-Fit Client’s bleeding neck. One of our overriding instincts developed over millennia is to conserve energy. If something is a slight annoyance in our lives, we will put up until we have “time” to deal with it. 

And guess what…. we never have time to deal with the little things.

When you have a bleeding neck it isn’t a mild inconvenience, it is a treat to your future survival and guess what…. you take massive action, and the cost of the solution is inconsequential.

And remember, you sell your Perfect-Fit Clients what they want and then give them what they need. The best solution is not always the best offer. The key to this is developing a deep level of intimate knowledge of your Perfect-Fit Client. 

Nail these four elements and I can guarantee you that you will see a dramatic improvement in the results of your next launch or promotion. If you would like to discover how you can implement your very own Profitable Perfect-Fit Client Attraction Strategy click the link below and apply for a FREE Focus-Strategy session.