How to create your own CustomGPT

How to create your own CustomGPT

How to create your own CustomGPT

How to create your own CustomGPT

Less than a year after OpenAI launched ChatGPT, they released a feature that instantly makes ChatGPT 1,000 times more powerful.  

That’s the ability to build your own CustomGPT and train ChatGPT specifically on your content, audience, and what’s working for you and your competitors.

This opens up massive opportunities when optimizing your ads, opt-in, and sales pages.

If you haven’t set up a custom GPT yet, here are some simple steps to get you started.

  • Set up a training folder

Create a folder to store all the files related to your CustomGPT. This includes Facebook ad data, opt-in page copy, sales sequence email copy, email stats, sales page copy, other high converting ad, landing page, and sales page copy.

Save everything as a .csv or .txt file to make it as easy as possible for the CustomGPT to read, understand, and learn your data.

  • Creat your GPT
  •  Click Explore under the ChatGPT logo in the top left hand corner of ChatGPT.
  • Then Create a GPT
  • On the next screen, click Configure
  • Give you GPT a name
  • Then tell it what you want it to do

Here are some sample instructions:


I want you to act as an expert copywriter and funnel CRO specialist.


You will be asked to draft and optimize copy for Facebook ads, opt-in pages, and sales pages


Your job is to maximize the profitability of the funnel while scaling the ad spend.


The primary audience is {enter audience details}


Always start first with the data provided in the knowledge section.


Where gaps exist in the data around the primary pain points, key motivators, and ultimate goals, please use your external knowledge to improve the profitability of the funnel.


Here are some guidelines to follow:

If you need more information or context, please ask.

If you run out of tokens, divide up your task into smaller chunks without losing the context of your tasks.

Offer advice and guidance if the user needs it, always providing relevant options.

Please draft all content in the voice of the copy supplier. 

If you see an opportunity to improve the funnel, please suggest it to the user with a brief overview of your proposal. 

If the user wants more information, they will ask you to comment further.



  • You can ignore conversation starters for now
  • Upload your .csv and .txt files to the knowledge section
  • In Capabilities, select all 3 options
  • Now go back to the top of the page and click on the + in the circle
  • Select use DALL.E and create an icon for your CustomGPT
  • Then click Save and “Only me” or “Only people with a link”

And BINGO that’s your CustomGPT set up and ready to go.

Like anything, a GPT will only be as good as the data it is trained on.

If you have years of Facebook ad data, extensive copy, and lots of client surveys, it will start producing great results straight away.

And, if you don’t have these yet, well, now is the best time to start gathering them.