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L – Latest News

Get ready for some Microsoft Advertising policy updates starting July 1st!

Plus, they’re launching an Ad Library so you can stalk your competitors’ ads—European Union style! It’s like reality TV for marketers, so grab your popcorn and read all about it.

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Instagram finally joins the ‘download Reels’ party.

So now you can share those hilarious clips outside the app and show everyone you’re a cool Instagram rebel with a branded watermark!

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Say hello to Test & Compare, the new tool that’ll save your CTR from tanking!

YouTube’s latest pilot feature lets you upload up to three thumbnails, and their bots will run experiments to crown the thumbnail king, so you can make data-driven decisions like a boss. Get ready to pick the perfect picture and watch your engagement skyrocket!

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A – A.I. For Growth

ChatGPT Prompt of the Week

Prompt Objective: 

Lead2Launch ChatGPT Facebook Ad Drafting Prompt Series – Step 6


Continue in the same chat as Step 5.


Today’s prompt is: 

  • Step 5 – Ad variation drafting


Prompt Outline:

I want you to act as an expert direct-response copywriter


Your job is to draft a Facebook ad that sends people to the opt-in page you drafted in the last chat.


Your goal is to maximize the number of people who opt-in for the lead magnet.


Applying all the principles of direct response copywriting. Writing in the styles of Eugene Schwartz, Jeff Ovigly, Gary Halbert, and Claud Hopkins, I want you to draft Facebook ad copy using the AIDA approach.


  1. Attention: I want to capture the user’s attention immediately and make them stop scrolling. You can use a mix of both pain points, challenges, desires and ambitions to capture attention.
  2. Interest: I want to pique the user’s curiosity about our approach and the lead magnet. Make them want to learn more.
  3. Desire: I need to make them feel that they need my lead magnet. Emphasizing how their life will be better once they apply my solution.
  4. Action: Finally, I need a strong call to action that prompts them to click the ad, visit our opt-in page and register for the lead magnet.


Your copy should sound relaxed, fun, and human. The copy provided should pass all AI detection tests. Come up with exciting and unique angles that sound fresh and original. Refrain from drafting content that sounds overhyped or over-sensationalized. 


Use all the data you have learned about my avatar to draft compelling ad copy.


I want you to produce 3 lengths of ads:

  • Short-form
  • Medium-form
  • Long-form


For each length specified above, I want you to draft 3 ads.


Please let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, please commence drafting the ad copy.

Latest A.I. Tools

Your witty AI sidekick for all things crypto!

No more confusion, as it simplifies the complexity of crypto with the charm of a magician pulling a rabbit out of a blockchain hat.

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Tired of sharing your top-secret ideas with ChatGPT and fearing they’ll leak out?

Enter MaskMyPrompt, your trusty sidekick in the world of deidentification. So, put on your disguise and get ready for a cloak-and-dagger conversation with MaskMyPrompt. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but your secrets are safe with us!

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Get ready to ditch those generic email templates and embrace the power of personalization!

Let this magical AI do the heavy lifting by stalking your prospects’ websites and crafting the perfect, irresistibly personalized emails. Plus, it’s free!

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U – Uplevel Ads 

Controversy gets attention.


And no one causes controversy on Facebook and Instagram like Aleric Heck.


Aleric has a YouTube ad agency and coaching program.


And he loves pointing out that YouTube Ads are superior to Facebook Ads on…..


Yep, you’ve guessed it Facebook and Instagram.


Let’s dive into one of his ads.


Then we move into the body of the ad.


This is where things start hotting up. This section is clear, concise, and compelling. Each point is an answer to an objection that someone may have getting started with Facebook ads. 


More stuff isn’t the goal. It’s how you layout your argument and leave no objection unanswered to make saying yes a “no-brainer” decision.


But the creative is where this ad comes alive…


First Aleric positions the audience: COACHES.


I’m not a fan of including “Attention Coaches” in the first line of ad copy, but I do like calling them out directly in the image.


And then the hammer blow – YouTube Ads Beat Facebook Ads Everytime.


This is highly evocative, especially as the ad is on Facebook. There is no question but this ad is going to draw lots of attention and comments.

N – Now Launching

The ad above leads people into a book-a-call funnel for Aleric’s YouTube Ads coaching program.


Let’s start off with the opt-in page.


Simple single-screen structure with all info above the fold.


Headline, body copy, form, image, and CTA. AKA my favorite layout.

Remember, the goal is to get qualified people to book a call.


Including the phone number and industry will reduce the on-page conversion, but it will increase the quality of people entering the funnel.


I love the “Free Bonus Gift”. 


Remember, people don’t know they have entered a book-a-call funnel.


Aleric positions the call as the free bonus. This is a wonderful reframe, which will work a treat. 


On the next page, Aleric tells you the Free Bonus is worth $850. 


He doesn’t disclose this on the landing page, as he doesn’t want people who are only interested in getting $850 of free stuff.


Remember, people don’t know that the free bonus is a strategy call yet.


On the final step of the funnel Aleric tells you what your $850 free bonus is….


….A YouTube Ads Implementation Call with an Advisor.


At this stage, Aleric has 

From Step 1:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Business type


From Step 2:

  • Current monthly revenue
  • Desired monthly revenue
  • Monthly ad spend

Even if people don’t book a call at this stage, they have more than enough info to follow up and make a compelling case for you to sign up for their coaching program.


Oh wait…… I have to dash…… my phone is ringing…. I wonder who it could be!

C – Conversion

Is your Facebook Ad account at risk of being shut down? 


If you’re a course creator or membership site owner, listen up! 


The risk of Facebook shutting down your account is real, and it’s time to face it head-on. 


Here’s how to avoid it. 


The Facebook Ad account policies are extensive and often unclear. You’re not alone if you feel overwhelmed. But fear not, I’ve got your back! In this thread, I’ll share some essential policies you need to know to avoid ad account shut down.


First, never use “before and after” images in your ads. Facebook considers them “personal attributes,” and that’s a big no-no. Second, avoid using “get rich quick” language. Facebook wants to promote financial stability and not scams. Lastly, never use profanity or sexual language. Keep it professional!


Next, be mindful of your ad targeting. Avoid targeting or calling out personal attributes like race, religion, or political affiliation. Facebook takes this seriously, and it’s essential to respect people’s privacy. Also, never use misleading or false information in your ads. Honesty is the best policy!


Finally, don’t promote prohibited content. Facebook prohibits ads promoting tobacco, drugs, adult products, and dangerous supplements. Make sure to check the full list of prohibited content before creating your ads. Avoiding prohibited content will keep your account safe!


The best path to avoiding Facebook shutting down your Ad account is to understand the guidelines and policies. Never use “before and after” images or call out personal attributes, avoid “get rich quick” language, never mislead your audience, and never use profanity. 


H – Hot Take


How we frame our path to greatness matters…

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