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L – Latest News

Google is launching a new filter called “perspectives” in mobile search results.

It’s like taking a dive into a pool of subjective takes and internet rants—perfect for those who love a good virtual popcorn session while searching for answers.

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ChatGPT is leveling up on iPad, adding Siri and Shortcuts support

Plus, drag and drop messages like a boss and watch as ChatGPT dominates the App Store charts, leaving imposters in the dust!

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Reddit, the land of advice, recommendations, and honest conversations, is stepping up its advertising game.

With Contextual Keyword Targeting, advertisers can jump into active discussions, align keywords with their brand, and impress the helpful, anonymous strangers who roam this wild digital frontier.

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A – A.I. For Growth

A.I. Prompt of the Week

Prompt Objective: 

Lead2Launch ChatGPT Facebook Ad Drafting Prompt Series – Step 3

Continue in the same chat as Step 2.

Today’s prompt is: 

Prompt Outline:

I want you to act as an expert Facebook ad copywriter

My product/membership is {NAME}, and it helps people do {PRIMARY OUTCOME}.

My avatar is {AVATAR DETAILS}

Your job is to create high-converting Facebook ad copy that attracts and positions our audience so they are ready to buy our product.

Before we draft the Facebook ads, I want you to research the dreams and ambitions of my audience.

What will their life look like when they achieve their primary outcome?

List the dreams and ambitions in order of importance.

Prompt Use Case

Latest A.I. Tools

The ultimate PDF wizardry!

Just upload your document, and this ChatGPT-powered tool will learn everything inside, letting you have a hilarious Q&A session with your PDFs.

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Unleash your divine spreadsheet powers with Formula God!

No more wrestling with complex formulas—let AI do the heavy lifting while you sit back and bask in your newfound sheets supremacy.

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Turn your videos into global superstars, one language at a time!

TranslateAudio takes your content to new horizons, making it accessible to people who would otherwise be clueless about your awesomeness. It’s like giving your videos a multilingual passport, without the hassle of airport security.

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U – Uplevel Ads 

Let’s talk about hooks.

Hooks are one of the most important elements of your ad. 

A strong hook gets buy-in and commitment. 

If your hook captures someone’s attention for even 2 seconds, they’re on the slippery slope.

Most people don’t test enough hooks.

Let’s look at Ryan Levesque’s approach to testing hooks:

Hook 1:


Hook 2:


Hook 3:


Hook 4:


Hook 5:


Hook 6:


Hook 7:


Hook 8:


Hook 9:


What we learn from Ryan’s hook testing strategy:

  1. Test more. These are just 9 of Ryan’s hook tests for his workshop
  2. All the hooks are focused on the prospect
  3. All the hooks call out the prospect (without saying, Attention coaches and consultants!) 
  4. All the hooks are pain or frustration focused
  5. The hooks are short and to the point. Only one is over two lines of text
  6. 8/9 hooks are questions
  7. Many ads use different hooks but the same body copy


I’m not saying this is the only way to write a hook, but this is a very good framework to apply when you are writing hooks for your next campaign.


N – Now Launching

I love this Workshop Funnel with a twist from Ryan Levesque.


The biggest problem with launch workshops or challenges is they happen in the future.


People want their problems solved now. They don’t want to wait.


Immediacy is a critical factor in getting people to take action.


To solve this, Ryan focuses his lead generation on an instantly available download.


This guarantees a higher conversion rate and a lower cost per lead than a workshop opt-in.


Once someone opts in for the lead magnet, Ryan makes an offer for his week-long workshop.




This promises a deep dive on the lead magnet that someone has requested.


The psychological principle of consistency will drive people to register for the workshop as they have already committed to the lead magnet.


No one wants to feel like they didn’t make a good decision.


Also, notice the discount from $100 to free. 


Pricing the workshop, even if it is being offered for free, increases the perceived value.


And it also makes you feel like you are getting a great deal.

C – Conversion

Are you struggling to attract leads and make sales with your Facebook ads?


Mastering these 7 crucial conversion psychology principles will take you from getting by to unstoppable online sales


Want to discover what they are? Keep reading!


1 in 4 businesses fails within their first year of operation. 


7 out of 10 fail within 5 years. 


Don’t let yours be one of them! 


Here are 7 conversion principles to boost your Facebook ad performance and hit your revenue goals.


1️. Understand and leverage your audience’s pain points, fears, and desires

2️. Use social proof to build trust with potential customers

3️. Use deadlines to create a sense of urgency and encourage action

4️. Provide a clear and compelling value proposition

5️.  Use persuasive language and visual cues to guide your audience toward the desired action

6️. Use scarcity to create a sense of exclusivity and increase desire

7️. Use reciprocity to encourage people to take action by offering something of value in return


Don’t forget to test and optimize your ads and landing pages for the best results.


By mastering these 7 key aspects of conversion psychology, you’ll be on your way to unstoppable online sales.


To get started, pick one principle to focus on and implement it in your next Facebook ad campaign.

H – Hot Take


Even overnight successes take time. Keep going….



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