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Launch Newsletter Issue #00072

Launch Newsletter Issue #00072

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L – Leads

A curiosity invoking quiz opt-in page

quiz opt-in page

As a L.A.U.N.C.H. subscriber you know we love a good Quiz.


Well, Amy Porterfield has just launched a new Quiz so we had to dive in.


Interesting approach here from Amy. 


The primary promise of the Quiz is to discover if you are one of the 3 types of people who could replace their income with a Digital Course.


Then as the main above-the-fold image, she blurs out the three types.


This is sure to build curiosity. Which will drive people to sign up for the quiz.


It is also potentially a big waste of really valuable above-the-fold real estate.


I’m going to go out on a limb and say this page will convert really well for Amy but I would urge caution with this approach.


Directly below the hero section, Amy reverts to more standard practice.

In fact, if I were to see this section above the fold, I wouldn’t have asked any questions.

Amy really cuts to the core of her audience’s desire with the headline.

Could ONE Digital Course Realistically Replace Your Client Work? Your 9-5 Salary?

We’re a big fan of alliteration. However, in this headline, I would remove “Realistically”.

Could ONE Digital Course Replace Your Client Work? Your 9-5 Salary? 

This version Is shorter, snappier, and easier to understand. 

A word like realistically may spark skepticism in the reader. Skepticism leads to distrust.

Opt-in Page Swipe Files

A – A.I. Growth Prompts

All the latest sca from OpenAI (you couldn’t make this up!)

A break from the prompts for this week.

How could we serve up yet another banging ChatGPT prompt when the future of ChatGPT hangs in the balance?

It has been a roller coaster week for Sam Altman, the former and current CEO of OpenAI.

On Friday, 17 November, OpenAI’s board of directors fired Sam, saying he wasn’t candid in his communications with the board.

I don’t think this would have come as a surprise to Sam. 

The funny thing is he seemed to be in control of the situation from the start.

Yes, the board “heaved,” or more specifically, certain members of the board heaved.

But the moves pulled by Sam subsequently have been nothing short of genius.

We have to remember however, Sam is a boy genius. 

At the age of just 29, Sam held the most coveted position in Silicon Valley as President of Y Combinator.

He left Y Combinator in 2019 to cofound OpenAI, a generation-defining company.

Let’s just say there are no flies on Sam!

On Friday, the board announced Sam was fired.

On Sunday, Sam announced he had joined Microsoft.

On Monday, Microsoft publicly offered jobs to all OpenAI employees.

Remember, Microsoft has invested more than $13 Billion in OpenAI.

Sam’s departure, sparked mutiny among the OpenAI team.

On Tuesday, 770 OpenAI employees signed a petition calling for the board’s resignation.

On Wednesday, Sam returns as the CEO with a new board of directors.

Much of the conflict between the old board and Sam was due to the “Non-Profit” nature of OpenAI and the cap on earnings for investors. (Of which many of the board members were!)

Sam is in favor of keeping OpenAI as a non-profit.

With so much upside potential, it strikes me that the old board was not as enthusiastic. Despite them all being multi-deca-millionaires and above.

Just goes to show you that no matter how much money you have, greed can kick in.

What a wild ride!

U – Uplevel Ads 

Psst..want the secret to a killer opening hook?

Opening hook

Opening hook swipe right there!


I’ll let you in on a little secret, X to X.


  • I’ll let you in on a little secret, quilter to quilter.
  • I’ll let you in on a little secret, herbalist to herbalist.
  • I’ll let you in on a little secret, yogi to yogi


People love to feel they are on the inside. That they know something others don’t.


People want to feel like they are in the popular gang.


You can definitely leverage it in your ads.


This ad is more than likely a retargeting ad for Amy’s second signature program – 

List Builders Society.


I say retargeting because running FB ads to a cold audience for a $497 product is a tough ask. 


Even for Amy Porterfield.


Facebook Ads Swipe Files


N – Now Launching

A super sales page conversion boosting web app

sales page conversion

Amy has a defined offer page layout, and I am a big fan.


Easy on-page navigation at the top. 


Very prominent Enrol Now button in the header.  


Image to the left. Headline, Subhead, and hero body to the right.


But what I really love and you should check out today is a widget in the middle of the offer page:



Look for the section: Calculate How Long It Will Take To See Your Subscribers Tick Up


Depending on how many hours you can dedicate a week you can move the slider.


As you do the “You’ll be finished in” time changes.


As well as being a really cool web app. This is a very powerful psychological mechanism.


It puts the power and results of the program in the hands of the user.


The question is no longer will I get a result from this program.


The result is guaranteed. The only variable is the amount of time I put into it.


It also tells me that I can take the program in my own time. 


This is especially important as we approach Christmas.


I also love how Amy has worded her payment plan:

  • Buy Now + Pay Monthly
  • Buy Now + Get An Extra Bonus

This is likely to save her lots of time and energy dealing with refund requests or payment plan stoppage requests.

Sales Page Swipe Files

C – Conversion Optimization

3 simple steps to scale your business

Wish you could clone your best customers…

…so you can scale your online course or membership business?

Well here are 3 simple steps to do just that with Facebook Ads. 

Scaling your ad campaigns shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. With Lookalike Audiences, you tap into Facebook’s AI to find users who look most like your current customers. Here’s how  to get started with Lookalike Audiences!

Step 1 – Define your “source audience.” Export your customers list. The more detail you have the better. Include purchase value amount as well as their contact details. This helps Facebook identify and prioritize them based on their spend.

Step 2 – Create your Lookalike Audience. Upload your customer list as a custom audience. Once uploaded select your custom audience and create a lookalike audience. A lookalike is a certain percentage of a selected population that looks most like your customer list.

Step 3 – Launch your Campaign. Your Lookalike audience is based on customers but it is a cold audience. They may not know you, your solution or even the problem you solve. Bring them on a journey and give them everything they need to commit to taking action.

In general Lookalike audiences may not be as powerful as they once were. Having said that in our client accounts we are still getting high ROAS from value based Lookalike audiences. This is one of our go to audiences that we test in every campaign we launch.


H – Hot Take



Who fired who? I have a sneaky suspicion Sam ousted a Bord he wasn’t happy with!


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