quiz opt-in pages

Crafting High-Converting Quiz Opt-In Pages

Crafting High-Converting Quiz Opt-In Pages

The goal is never to get the cheapest leads possible.


Your objective is to attract the people with the highest likelihood of purchasing your offer at the most financially beneficial rate possible.


$0.50 leads are great and all but if they don’t purchase you are throwing money away.


A $50 lead may make your eyes water but if they convert you would take them all day.


In funnel marketing we spend a lot of time focused on removing friction from our prospects.


In high ticket sales, especially if there is a need for a sales call we may want to add friction.


If you are going to invest time talking to someone you want to make sure they are qualified to purchase your high ticket offer.


Namely they have the financial means, will and motivation to take action and purchase.


Here’s a very simple high ticket, book a call funnel from Ruari Fairbairns and the team over at One Year No Beer.

quiz opt-in pages

They really followed the blueprint with this headline.

  • Position the audience

Instantly you can tell whether or not this offer is for you. 

Are you an entrepreneur or high-achieving professional?

If yes, read on. If no, keep moving.

The qualification process has also begun. If you are an entrepreneur or high-achieving professional you will probably have the budget for the program. 

  • Identify the primary pain point

Do you struggle with your drinking?

If yes, read on. If no, keep moving.

  • Identify the dream outcome

Would you like to have effortless control over your drinking? 

If yes, read on. If no, keep moving.

  • Timebound

You can have your result in just 8 weeks

  • Without the primary frustrations

In a counterintuitive spin they declare – without giving up alcohol.

Well that will pique readers attention.

And then the elephant in the room – without willpower.

Here’s the formula……

How {position primary audience} go from {primary pain} to {dream outcome} in just {time frame} without {primary frustrations}

Let’s look how we can spin something up for your next opt-in or offer page in the A.I. Growth Prompt below.

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Book-a-Call Sales Page

Optimizing the Book-a-Call Sales Page for Course Creators

Optimizing the Book-a-Call Sales Page for Course Creators

Book-a-Call Sales Page
Book-a-Call Sales Page

Making headline claims specific and tangible is one of the activities I spend a lot of time with my clients.


It’s a real struggle, especially with personal development offers to give people specific outcomes.


But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.


I would love to see optimal health and peak performance defined.


The problem is OYNB can’t tell people they will double their profits or cut their marathon time by 35 minutes.


Sometimes this happens because people try to uplevel the problem they are solving and make  their deliverable broader.


It is easy to say – 

Quit Drink In 8 Weeks And Never Look Back


People don’t want to quit drinking, they want what’s possible when they quit drinking.


This is a never ending cycle, however, on the OYNB sales page the proposition is anchored in the second section where Complete Control is defined.


Perhaps even the words Complete Control could make the headline stronger as a unique mechanism.


“Discover the Complete Control Method to unlock optimal health and peak performance in your business, well-being and life in just 8 weeks.”


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Optimizing Your Book-a-Call Funnel for Conversions

Optimizing Your Book-a-Call Funnel for Conversions

The ad above leads people into a book-a-call funnel for Aleric’s YouTube Ads coaching program.


Let’s start off with the opt-in page.


Simple single-screen structure with all info above the fold.


Headline, body copy, form, image, and CTA. AKA my favorite layout.

Remember, the goal is to get qualified people to book a call.


Including the phone number and industry will reduce the on-page conversion, but it will increase the quality of people entering the funnel.


I love the “Free Bonus Gift”. 


Remember, people don’t know they have entered a book-a-call funnel.


Aleric positions the call as the free bonus. This is a wonderful reframe, which will work a treat. 


On the next page, Aleric tells you the Free Bonus is worth $850. 


He doesn’t disclose this on the landing page, as he doesn’t want people who are only interested in getting $850 of free stuff.


Remember, people don’t know that the free bonus is a strategy call yet.


On the final step of the funnel Aleric tells you what your $850 free bonus is….


….A YouTube Ads Implementation Call with an Advisor.


At this stage, Aleric has 

From Step 1:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Business type


From Step 2:

  • Current monthly revenue
  • Desired monthly revenue
  • Monthly ad spend

Even if people don’t book a call at this stage, they have more than enough info to follow up and make a compelling case for you to sign up for their coaching program.


Oh wait…… I have to dash…… my phone is ringing…. I wonder who it could be!