Attention-Grabbing Open Loops in Facebook Ads for Coaches

Attention-Grabbing Open Loops in Facebook Ads for Coaches

Michael Hyatt is one of the few “gurus” who has successfully transitioned from a personality-based business to an independent brand.


Over the past few years, he has transistioned from Michael Hyatt & Co. to Full Focus.


But this doesn’t mean he can’t use personality in his ads


What an opening to an ad.


  • An open loop is established with the first line and a direct call out to the avatar. Everyone wants to know what their “Achilles Heel” is. Especially as most people’s Achilles Heel’s high in plain sight. In our AIDA framework, with just 8 words, we can tick off the “A” for attention.
  • Then boom….. I had a heart attack. But this is amplified by the specificity – August 2022. From an AIDA perspective, this builds massive Interest and lures us down the slippery slope. To build our interest, Michael then draws us in with his story leading to his hear attack.


The ad then continues…..

  • Micheal tells you that he thought he was doing everything right. Working out and eating properly, but there was a hidden sub-particle that caused his heart attack. He then transitions, asking you if there is a hidden sub-particle in your business that could lead to it blowing up. The solution….. Take my assessment to discover the hidden traps that could kill your business.


This is such a smart ad copy. 


Word of warning:

No matter how attention-grabbing the intro is, I don’t recommend causing yourself a heart attack to give you copy ammunition.


But you can certainly apply this to lesser-impact outcomes.


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