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L – Latest News

Want to know the secret to TikTok’s success?

It’s not just the dancing, lip-syncing, and comedic skits- it’s the fact that advertisers can’t get enough of it. Even during a slowdown, ad spending on the platform continues to rise, proving that TikTok is the future of advertising, and you don’t want to miss the train. 

Read this article to find out why TikTok is taking over the ad world and how you can hop on board..


It’s time to step up the game, Google

Google is feeling the heat from OpenAI’s ChatGPT, because they’re planning to launch over 20 AI products this year, including a demo of their own search chatbot. Looks like they’re finally ready to play with the big dogs. 

But let’s hope they don’t release any AI’s that will try to take over the world…again.

Hold on to your hats, folks! 

Facebook is changing the game with their latest update to Accounts Center. They’re renaming “people” to “Account Center accounts” in their Ad metrics. But don’t worry, they’re not changing the math, just the name. 

So, don’t panic, just read the blog post and be ahead of the curve.

A – A.I. For Growth

Perfect for discovering and creating effective ad copy

This AI powered marketing platform works by boosting the brand language used by companies in their copy.


Optimizing email marketing campaigns

An AI email marketing campaign tool, that allows marketers to engage with their audience better, knowing they will be opening their emails at the most optimal time.

You can now chat with your search engine!

Announcing a major update to Perplexity Ask: the world’s first conversational search engine! Now, you can read answers with up-to-date sources and ask follow-up questions to dig deeper.

Create Engaging Videos 10X Faster With AI.

Spin up a completely original, high-quality video narrated by a realistic virtual representation of a human in minutes, regardless of your video production expertise.

U – Uplevel Ads


What to copy:

  • This ad has a text book implementation of the A.I.D.A approach to copy.
  • First, it captures Attention simply and effectively – “Getting a nudge that a side hustle is in your future? ✨”. Talking to a future dream of your audience is a great opening hook for an ad.
  • This instantly positions your audience. It lets them know they are in the right place.
  • The attention is maintained by describing key elements of the future dream. Getting into specific details – “finest pair of yoga pants”, “Investing your time in your dreams instead of someone else’s”, “feeling excited to check your bank account”. 
  • When you describe, in detail, your audience’s deepest dreams, you draw them into your story and set them up to want to take the action you desire
  • Next up is the Interest section. People find stats and numbers interesting. This is also a good section to establish authority. Amy achieves this by telling us she started her side hustle 13 years ago and has helped 46,000 entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams.
  • In addition to provoking interest, Amy establishes authority but also provides us with social proof.
  • Great use of emojis throughout the ad. Emojis make the ad more exciting and easy to read. Avoid overuse, but a liberal sprinkle of well throughout emojis will increase your ads’ conversion rates.
  • Scarcity established with “new limited-time course”
  • Next, Amy builds Desire. I love this line – “Ready to trade daydreams for a proven step-by-step process for less than it costs to order take out on your lunch break?”
  • From fluffy to concrete – daydreams to a proven step-by-step process. People want proven step-by-step processes. This is a phrase we use a lot in our ad copy to great effect.
  • “less than it costs to order take out on your lunch break”. Every time you can position a cost relative to a perceived low-cost daily item, it will increase conversions.
  • And finally, Action. Amy is very clear about what people get once they register, the timelines to delivery, and a bonus that answers the specific objection of “I don’t know how to quit my job”. The two link sandwich is an approach we implement in most ads. Give them a direct Call To Action, reiterate some key elements of the offer, and then provide another call to action.

You can download the ad copy and creative for your swipe file here: 

N – Now Launching


This is the above-the-fold screen grab of Amy Porterfield’s Side Hustle Success Path Free Masterclass. This is part of Amy’s, Two Weeks Notice book launch.

To support her book launch, Amy created a low-ticket, but comprehensive online course called the Side Hustle Starter Kit. 

Two thumbs up for this strategy as it will serve as a bonus and an upsell profit maximizer on book sales. 

It also serves as a way to capture the email addresses of people who buy the book from retail outlets and online stores. This will allow Amy to proactively build her audience through her book sales and maximize the LTV of book purchasers.

What to copy:

  • I love simple, clean opt-in pages. Amy follows the formula here. Pre-head > headline > 1-2 lines body copy > CTA.
  • Notice how small the logo is. Even though Amy is a big brand, the logo is tiny and does not distract from the one and only action people should take on this page
  • In all the tests we have run, removing the logo has increased conversions, especially if they are more prominent.
  • I love the CTA in the top header. Eye-tracking experiments have shown that almost all visitors to the page will scan that second of the page immediately. It is arguable that the only reason they included the logo on the left side was to fill the space in the head to facilitate the CTA. If that is the case, I am on board 👍.
  • The pre-head immediately connects with the pain – “undervalued & overwhelmed”. This is the purpose of avatar research. It is less important to know the age and demographics of your audience than to know how they feel disrespected and their primary pain point.
  • Amy is a “positive marketer”, but look how she introduces the pain subtly.
  • The body copy packs punch – 5 Signs You’re Ready to Start a Side Hustle – Use of odd number between 3 – 7 ✅. She is clear on the audience for this Masterclass. Don’t fudge the lines. Pick a specific persona and answer their big concerns
  • …for more Flexibility, Financial Freedom, and Fun. Illeteration and rythming works. Anywhere you an work it into your copy do. People love it.
  • …(Even If You’re short on Time and Have No Idea Where to Start). This is a great framework for opt-in pages and copy in general. (Get something big your really want) without (big objection or thing that’s holding you back)
  • If you are not testing a professionally taken photo of you on your opt-in pages you should be.​​

What we’d test:

  • The CTA buttons are weak. We would test making them more prominent in size and colour
  • The CTA phrase “Save My Seat” could be improved. In tests we have found that transformative CTA’s get a higher conversion reate – Start Your Side Hustle →
  • There is no urgency in the body CTA. We would test including words like “Now” and “Today”
  • A sticky header. Having the “Save My Seat” button in the header is great. We would test making the header sticky so when you scroll down you always have an option to register.
  • Urgency is missing from the opt-in page. This is a pre-recorded masterclass but people still need a reason to act now. We would test adding some reason for people to register today.
  • The opt-in form converts everything to upper case. This is only a small element, however, this may lead to some drop off in conversions. A common belief amongst people is that capital letters make a difference when in email addresses. People will try to uncapitalize them. This is an unnecessary friction. We would revert to lower case

C – Conversion Psychology

Want to take your Facebook ads & marketing copy to the next level? 

Here are 5 psychological anchoring principles to increase your online course and membership sales.

  • Establish a reference point. Quote higher prices for your 1-on-1 or small group coaching packages and then present the price for your course or membership. Your audience will perceive the lower price as a great deal, even if it’s still higher than competitors.
  • Use social proof. Highlight the success of other customers who have taken your course or joined your membership. Testimonials, case studies & reviews are all great ways to use social proof as an anchor.
  • Create scarcity. People place a higher value on things that are scarce or limited. By creating a sense of scarcity in your copy, you can make your course or membership site seem more valuable. Set a deadline or limit the number of spots available.
  • Use bonuses wisely. Adding bonuses to your offer can make it seem more valuable, but be careful not to overdo it. Too many bonuses can decrease the perceived value of your offer. Pick bonuses that answer objections or help people move faster.
  • Be consistent. Use the same anchor points throughout your copy and marketing materials to create a cohesive message and make it easier for your audience to perceive the value of your offer.

H – Hot Take

What are you waiting for?

Your business is only as successful as the life it helps you live.

Don’t get it backward.


What you do matters. 

Keep going.

The world needs you.



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