AI isn’t the enemy

AI isn’t the enemy

AI isn’t the enemy

AI isn’t the enemy

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Every Friday, I meet up with a group of mates.

There are some seriously smart guys in the group. One in particular is convinced that AI will destroy society, stealing billions of jobs and causing massive unemployment.

Now, I wouldn’t count myself an AI expert. 

But I’m a tech geek, and I’ve been using AI every day for over 6 years. AI is as much a part of my workday as my trusty MacBook Pro.

So here’s my take on what AI means for the future of business:

Looking backward to look forwards

This isn’t the first time we have encountered a transformative technology.

We’ve survived electrification, mass production, computerization, and the internet. Each one threatened to put millions of people out of work. Instead, each one increased the quality of the jobs in the industry and spawned many more jobs in parallel industries. 

Technology elevates workers to higher levels of creativity and customer-focused service.

Transition will take time

Every step forward in technology makes the next step faster.

The world of AI is moving at breakneck speed, but economies don’t move as fast. As AI evolves the pioneers will lead the charge, but there will be laggards. Remember, there are still State employees sitting in rubber rooms, from 9-5, not working because it isn’t in their contracts to use computers.

The time it takes businesses to implement AI to its full potential will allow people who don’t want to or who are not able to work with AI to move into different roles or retire. 

What if AI and robots do all the work?

Let’s suppose Sam Altman cracks AGI, and in 30 years, we live in a world where AI and robotics perform every human working role.

If this is the case, there will most certainly be a universal income. Instead of this being a bad thing, I see it as an opportunity. I see an explosion of creativity and innovation. What would you do if you never had to worry about putting food on the table? 

If AGI and robots were to run the world, I see it as truly liberating. 

In my mind, we are living through the most exciting time the world has ever experienced. 

I see AI as a technology that frees us to do work that truly inspires us and those we serve.

Yes, there are risks. 

Yes, there will be many bumps along the way. 

But, I’m looking forward to the ride.