3-part webinar headline drafting AI prompt

3-part webinar headline drafting AI prompt

Prompt Objective:

To produce 20 high-converting webinar opt-in page titles


Prompt Instructions:

Insert each of the prompts individually in sequence.

Enter details for your webinar and avatar in the sections {marked in red}


Prompt Outline:


Prompt 1

I want you to act as an expert direct response marketer and webinar funnel specialist. In a minute, I will ask you to draft a series of webinar headlines.

Here are the details of the webinar.


The webinar topic is:

{outline webinar topic}


The target audience for the webinar is:

{outline webinar avatar}


The desired outcome or benefit of the webinar is:

{outline webinar benefit or outcome}


Unique Selling Proposition:

{what makes this webinar unique is}


Key Pain Points or Challenges:

{the key pain points or challenges facing your audience}


Primary Objective of Webinar:

{details of the offer being made on the webinar}


Don’t take any action yet. Simply confirm that you understand what I am asking you to do.


Prompt 2

Perfect. Here are 15 webinar headline formats for you to try.


Please study these formats and get ready to complete your task.


Don’t take any action yet. Simply confirm that you have studied the headline formats.


  1. Problem-Solution Headlines:
    • “Discover How to [Solve a Specific Problem] in [Time Frame/Number of Steps]”


  1. Benefit-Driven Headlines:
    • “How to [Achieve a Desired Benefit] Without [Pain Point/Obstacle]”


  1. Urgency-Driven Headlines:
    • “Limited Time Opportunity: [Benefit] Before [Deadline/Scarcity Factor]”


  1. Social Proof Headlines:
    • “How [Number] [Type of People] Used This Method to [Desired Outcome]”


  1. Question Headlines:
    • “Are You Still Struggling With [Pain Point]? Discover [Solution]”


  1. Value Proposition Headlines:
    • “Get [Benefit 1], [Benefit 2], and [Benefit 3] in [Time] without [Pain Point/Objection]”


  1. Reason Why Headlines:
    • “7 Reasons Why You Should [Desired Action] Today”


  1. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Headlines:
    • “Discover The Little Know Secret [Avatar] Is Using To Get [Benefit 1], [Benefit 2], and [Benefit 3]”


  1. Storytelling Headlines:
    • “How [Person] Went From [Struggle] to [Desired Outcome]”


  1. Controversial Headlines:
    • “The Secret [Industry/Niche] Doesn’t Want You to Know About [Topic]”



  1. Mistake/Myth-Busting Headlines:
    • “The [Number] Biggest Mistakes People Make With [Topic] (and how to avoid them)”


  1. Specificity Headlines:
    • “Steal The Exact [Number] Step Process I Use To [Achieving a Specific Outcome]”


  1. Instructional Headlines:
    • “How to [Achieve Desired Outcome] in [Time Frame/Number of Steps]”


  1. Objection-Busting Headlines:
    • “Why [Common Objection] Shouldn’t Stop You From [Taking Desired Action]”


  1. Aspirational Headlines:
    • “Become the [Desired Identity/Outcome] You’ve Always Wanted”




Prompt 3

I would now like you to draft 20 high-converting headlines for my webinar.


Based on the topic and the audience, please select the formats that will produce the highest conversion rates.

You can download the prompt here: