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L – Leads

There’s always more than one way to skin a cat….

Let’s dive into an interesting Challenge Launch Funnel from Marisa Murgatroyd.

Selling online is continuously evolving. 

As a launch method becomes popular, it loses its magic, and we need to innovate.

Challenge launches have been all the rage since the summer of 2020.

Getting sign-ups for a challenge was like shooting fish in a barrel.

2023 is a very different world. That doesn’t mean that challenges don’t work anymore.

It just means we need a little more ingenuity. 

The goal is to reduce our Cost Per Lead and increase our pre-launch Revenue Per Lead.

Marisa is following a trend we started to see emerge about 6-8 months ago.

I call it the double funnel launch. We’ve analyzed a similar approach by Ryan Levesque back in issue 53 of the Newsletter.

This approach splits your paid traffic between sending people directly to the opt-in for the challenge and sending people to a lead magnet opt-in that offers the challenge as your next step.

The hope here is that you can reduce your front-end lead acquisition cost, as the CPL for the lead magnet can be 25%-50% of the cost of a challenge opt-in.

Then both opt-ins offer an upsell to VIP for the challenge.

Reviewing funnels every week, it feels like the days of a fully free launch workshop are limited.

The VIP upsell is now a constant feature in most launches, and seeing the conversion stats of people with paid launches, it’s getting harder and harder to argue for the free model.

So let’s take a look at Marisa’s double funnel opt-in pages:

Lead Magnet Opt-in Page

Challenge Launch Funnel

Challenge Opt-in Page

Challenge Launch Funnel

I’m a big fan of Marisa’s clean and simple opt-in page designs.

The stand-out element of both pages is the headlines:

  • The 20 Most Profitable Online Course Mega-Niches
  • The Fast, Free, Proven Way to Make Sure Your Online Course Idea Is Profitable — Before You Create It

Fast, Free and Proven – 3 massive conversion boosting words one after another.

Both headlines deal with objections. 

I don’t know what niche to pick & I don’t know if people will buy my course.

I love how these are sequential problems. 

Marisa is casting a wide net. 

The lead magnet hooks people who want to start an online business but don’t yet know their topic.

The challenge is for people who have a topic but don’t know where to go next.

The beauty of the double funnel is that Facebook will be able to identify the perfect people for each funnel and will target them accordingly. 

Jump down to Uplevel Ads to see Marisa’s ad copy.

Opt-in Page Swipe Files:


A – A.I. LAUNCH Prompt


Prompt Objective: 

Want to drum up some revenue with a quick launch? 

Pick a mini-product or bundle together some guides and videos that achieve a specific outcome.

All you need is a simple sales page, then fire up ChatGPT and give this prompt a go…

Prompt Outline:

I want you to act as an expert email copywriter.

Please draft a 4 part email sales sequence that will be delivered over 3 days.

The email series aims to get [avatar] excited about achieving their desired [customer transformation offered].  

Each email will demonstrate why is the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective path way to achieving their goal.

Keep each email concise, valuable, and engaging.

Ensure every email has a call to action with a link to purchase the .

Insert placeholders wherever you think further customer details are needed.

The deadline to purchase the product is Day 3 of the email series. 

One email will be sent on Day 1 and Day 2. On day 3, the final 2 emails will be sent.

Utilise urgency throughout the email sequence.

Write the email series in the style of [email copywriting style]. Do not mention this person anywhere in any of the copy.

Utilize as much of the data provided below as possible.

Each email is sent by [email author name]

Product = [Insert here]

Problem Product Solves = [insert here]

Primary Avatar Frustration = [insert here]

Customer Transformation Offered = [insert here]

Avatar Description = [Insert here]

Bonuses = [insert here]

Deadline = [insert here]

Guarantee = [insert here]

Email Copywriting Style = [Gary Halbert]

Email Author Name = [insert here]


A.I. Tool Of The Week

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U – Uplevel Ads

Facebook Ad For Lead Magnet Opt-in 

Launch Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad For Challenge Opt-in


Notice how both ads open with a question. 

In A.I.D.A. framework, asking a question is one of the best ways to capture people’s attention.

Marisa leads with the problem and instantly positions who should pay attention to the ad.

In both cases, she establishes authority and credibility. 

But remember you will always be best served when your authority is based around the results you have helped others achieve.

I love the bullet points in the challenge ad.

Get out of overwhelm, stop procrastinating, and find the perfect course idea that’s right for you.

Facebook Ad Swipe Files:


N – Now Launching

challenge opt-in upsell

Instead of the traditional VIP package Marisa has gone with an upsell the impeccably named:
Instant Clarity Toolkit.

Not everyone wants to pay for extra calls and call recordings, but who wouldn’t want help with the most critical and challenging parts of coming up with their course idea?

I don’t think pricing this at $7 or $17 would affect the upsell conversion rate.

This is a beautifully aligned offer that encourages little step after little step in a logical and throughout way.

Facebook Ad Swipe Files:

C – Conversion Optimization

Ever feel like you’re wasting money on your Facebook ads? 

Tired of low conversions and not making the money you want from your ads? 

Here are 9 steps to more profitable Facebook Ads

You want to make sales, but it seems like everyone else is seeing better results than you. The truth is that if you’re not testing, you’re leaving money on the table. But where do you start? Here’s what you need to know. 

Step 1: Define Your Conversion Goals. Know what success looks like for your business.

(The 2 most important metrics = CPL & CPA) 

Step 2: Create a Testing Plan. Identify potential areas for testing and prioritize. 

(Areas to test – headline, creative, opening hook, body copy, audience) 

Step 3: Kill the Duds. Switch off underperforming ads. Create variations of winning ads.

(never touch a winning ad. duplicate and make changes to the copy)   

Step 4: Refine your Messaging. Leverage positive feedback loops. 

(Use what works to create a unique value proposition.)

Step 5: Optimize Your Landing Page. Often this can be your highest ROI activity.

(Key sections in order: headline, subhead, image, body copy, CTA)

Step 6: Use Heat Maps and User Recordings. Track visitor behavior and optimize based on their actions. 

Step 7: Analyze Your Results. Data is useless without interpretation. What is the data telling you? Let it inform your next steps.

Step 8: Rinse and Repeat. Most people don’t get the results they want because they quit too soon. Stay in the game. 

Now you have the tools to drive data-driven success and increase conversions. Remember to start small, and test everything. With consistent effort, you can optimize your Facebook ad campaigns and achieve the results you deserve. 

H – Hot Take


It’s hard for normal people to understand driven people. 

While you might not yet be Elon level never shrink to others levels.

Sometimes you’ve just got to do you even if others want you to be something else. 


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