4-Part Sales Email Sequence ChatGPT Prompt

4-Part Sales Email Sequence ChatGPT Prompt



ChatGPT Prompt Objective: 

Want to drum up some revenue with a quick launch? 

Pick a mini-product or bundle together some guides and videos that achieve a specific outcome.

All you need is a simple sales page, then fire up ChatGPT and give this prompt a go…

ChatGPT Prompt Outline:

I want you to act as an expert email copywriter.

Please draft a 4 part email sales sequence that will be delivered over 3 days.

The email series aims to get [avatar] excited about achieving their desired [customer transformation offered].  

Each email will demonstrate why is the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective path way to achieving their goal.

Keep each email concise, valuable, and engaging.

Ensure every email has a call to action with a link to purchase the .

Insert placeholders wherever you think further customer details are needed.

The deadline to purchase the product is Day 3 of the email series. 

One email will be sent on Day 1 and Day 2. On day 3, the final 2 emails will be sent.

Utilise urgency throughout the email sequence.

Write the email series in the style of [email copywriting style]. Do not mention this person anywhere in any of the copy.

Utilize as much of the data provided below as possible.

Each email is sent by [email author name]

Product = [Insert here]

Problem Product Solves = [insert here]

Primary Avatar Frustration = [insert here]

Customer Transformation Offered = [insert here]

Avatar Description = [Insert here]

Bonuses = [insert here]

Deadline = [insert here]

Guarantee = [insert here]

Email Copywriting Style = [Gary Halbert]

Email Author Name = [insert here]