Idea Generation Machine ChatGPT Prompt

Idea Generation Machine ChatGPT Prompt


Prompt Objective:

Ever worry about running out of content creation ideas?

You might have 99 problems but after today worrying about what content to create ain’t one. 

Prompt Outline:

Part 1
I’m going to train you to become an Idea Generation Machine.

I will give you the topic and the incentive, and 30 different proven approaches for headline ideas. 

And you will give me back 30 written headline ideas exclusively for that same topic & incentive but applied in 30 different ways.

Are you ready for the topic, the incentive, and the 30 different approaches?

Part 2
Pick your incentive from the list below:

…To Get Started {Skill}

…To Learn {Skill}

…To Master {Skill}

…To Overcome {Problem}

…To Unlock {Outcome}

…To Streamline {Process}

…To Get Your First {Outcome}

…To Achieve {Big Outcome}

…So You Don’t {Worst Outcome}

…To Hire Your First {Employee}

…To Buy Your First {Valuable Asset}

…To Sell Your First {Valuable Asset}

…To Make Your First {$X}

…To Build Your First {Product/Company}

…To Improve {Task}

…To Scale Your {Business}

…To Pitch Your {Idea}

…To Help You Fix {Problem}

…To Teach You {Solution}

…To Create The Perfect {Product}

…To {Do More} Without {More Work}

…To Make Progress On {Goal}

Topic: {topic} 

Audience: {audience} 

Incentive: {Choose Your Incentive} 

30 Proven Approaches: 



























Data Points





3-Part Perfect-Fit Client Deep-Dive ChatGPT Prompt

3-Part Perfect-Fit Client Deep-Dive ChatGPT Prompt


Prompt Objective:

You can never obsess over your Perfect-Fit Client too much. 

(unless you are using it as an excuse not to launch. ALWAYS BE LAUNCHING!)

Today we are going to do a 3-Part Perfect-Fit Client Deepedive.

This is an exercise I get my clients to do on a regular basis. 

And yes, even those clients who have breezed through the 7 figure mark years ago.

You are guaranteed to discover a new pain point or challenge and it always prompts a fresh angle for an offer or opt-in.

Prompt Outline:

Perfect-Fit Client A.I. Deepdive – Part 1

I want you to act like a world-class copywriter performing market research to better understand your audience. 

I want you to create a perfect-fit client persona profile for:

[Product/Membership Description] 

That helps [Brief Perfect-Fit Client Description]

Achieve [Dream Outcome]

Include Demographics, Psychographics, Main Challenges, Values, and Motivations of this buyer persona. Include key emotional drivers and powerful language. Give the Perfect-Fit Client a real name so it’s easy for us to refer to them.

Perfect-Fit Client A.I. Deepdive – Part 2

Thank you. 

Now tell me their top 5 most difficult challenges and 5 deepest fears [Perfect-Fit Client Name] has around finding the perfect [Product/Membership]. 

And what will happen if he/she/they doesn’t address the problem? I don’t want boring surface-level answers. Give me the deepest fears that [Perfect-Fit Client Name] likely wouldn’t admit out loud unless nobody else was listening. 

What is he/she/they afraid of the most? What causes him/her/them discomfort? What causes him/her/them pain and anxiety? What does he/she/they worry about? What keeps him/her/them up at night?

Perfect-Fit Client A.I. Deepdive – Part 3

Thank you. 

Keeping all of these challenges and fears in mind, write a 700-word journal entry from the perspective of [Perfect-Fit Client Name].


4-Part Sales Email Sequence ChatGPT Prompt

4-Part Sales Email Sequence ChatGPT Prompt


Prompt Objective: 

Want to drum up some revenue with a quick launch? 

Pick a mini-product or bundle together some guides and videos that achieve a specific outcome.

All you need is a simple sales page, then fire up ChatGPT and give this prompt a go…

Prompt Outline:

I want you to act as an expert email copywriter.

Please draft a 4 part email sales sequence that will be delivered over 3 days.

The email series aims to get [avatar] excited about achieving their desired [customer transformation offered].  

Each email will demonstrate why is the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective path way to achieving their goal.

Keep each email concise, valuable, and engaging.

Ensure every email has a call to action with a link to purchase the .

Insert placeholders wherever you think further customer details are needed.

The deadline to purchase the product is Day 3 of the email series. 

One email will be sent on Day 1 and Day 2. On day 3, the final 2 emails will be sent.

Utilise urgency throughout the email sequence.

Write the email series in the style of [email copywriting style]. Do not mention this person anywhere in any of the copy.

Utilize as much of the data provided below as possible.

Each email is sent by [email author name]

Product = [Insert here]

Problem Product Solves = [insert here]

Primary Avatar Frustration = [insert here]

Customer Transformation Offered = [insert here]

Avatar Description = [Insert here]

Bonuses = [insert here]

Deadline = [insert here]

Guarantee = [insert here]

Email Copywriting Style = [Gary Halbert]

Email Author Name = [insert here]


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