Your High-Converting Ad Copy Framework

Your High-Converting Ad Copy Framework

Speaking of Meta ads directly to mini offers, let’s look at an ad from Colin Boyd.


The opening hook is what we refer to as a “bold statement.”


Does every successful coach know they need a signature story?


I’d doubt it, but if you are a coach and you see this, you will be intrigued.


I love the use of caps in “super” and “need”. 


It’s a pattern interrupt that instantly draws attention to the ad.


The second line explains why a signature story is important. 


It sets the stakes for the reader. What’s at risk?


The pitfall follows the risk. The hazard that’s hiding in plain view. 


This is classic storytelling. 


In our AIDA framework, Colin has ticked the first two boxes – Attention & Interest.


Objections don’t just prevent people from buying your offers.


They also prevent people from engaging with your content and ads.


I don’t see this very often, but I love how Colin calls out 3 big objections in this ad.


Often, people are afraid to call out objections.


But calling them out has the direct opposite impact you think it might.


It shows people you understand them. 


And, it shows that you’ve thought about where they are and the challenges they face.


We’ll definitely be testing this copy strategy across our ad accounts this week. 


And finally, we have the call to action.


Colin works in the transformation nicely here.


The ad contains all the necessary elements to get people to take action.


Here’s a nice ad copy framework for you to take away and test this week:


Hook > Stakes > Pitfalls > Solution > Objections > Transformation > CTA


But for the love of all that is good, please pay attention to your url’s.


Is just LAZY. Come on Colin!


It’s visible in your ad. Anything else will do…..

  • /craft-your-conversion-story
  • /my-conversion-story
  • /get-started
  • /find-your-story


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