Overcome Self-Doubt: Strategies for Course Creators

Overcome Self-Doubt: Strategies for Course Creators

But I'm not an expert. I’m never going to be able to start or scale my online business to the next level.

This is a comment I hear so regularly in the online world. And I hear it not only from people who are just starting out but also from experienced online business owners who feel they need to be a true expert in their field to succeed.

Not alone do I disagree with this sentiment but what I have found is that very often being “the” category authority in a field often works against people when it comes to launching and scaling an online business.

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Because What You Do As An Expert Matters

Having worked with thousands of entrepreneurs across the world I believe that not only can you start or scale your online business, but you also have the responsibility to do so. I’ve witnessed first-hand the impact that online entrepreneurs and knowledge business owners can have in the world and more specifically the impact they can have on their community.

But it all starts with that first step, committing to the transformation that you know, only you can bring about for your Perfect Fit Client.

Far too often people sit back and complain about governments or big corporations, that they are not doing enough to improve society or to give back to the community. For me this is the easy way out, shifting responsibility away from ourselves. Away from the very people who can have the biggest impact in the world.

The World is Looking for Leaders Now More Than Ever

Imagine the feeling of having built a profitable and successful online business. You’ve scaled your business, you have met your own income and saving needs, you are looking after your team and your business has the capital to grow and expand, now you can start giving back to your community and to other communities in the world who needs it the most. 

And this is my call to you, to step up and to be counted. To take responsibility, not for making the world a better place, but for making your corner of the world a better place.

Never before has there been so much uncertainty in the world. And, wherever there’s uncertainty, there’s an opportunity for leaders to step forward. 

I have seen this happening in so many niches from parenting, sales, coaching, historical dressmaking, currency trading, art, knitting, business, marketing. Online business owners stepping into their power as leaders, providing comfort, inspiration or just a safe place to hang out and connect with others in an ever more divided world.

So whether you are beginning your journey in the online knowledge world, or you are an established online entrepreneur, a real opportunity exists to create a safe space to help like-minded people connect and feel a sense of belonging around a specific topic.

Three Things To Keep You Moving Forward When You Feel Stuck

You Don’t Need To Be “THE” Subject Matter Expert

You don’t need to be “THE” subject matter expert. You only need to be “A” subject matter expert. This is a subtle to important distinction. Whereas “THE” subject matter expert is the go-to authority in a niche who has written the No.1 best-selling book or who’s processes are widely adopted.

“A” subject matter expert is someone who can get a result for their Perfect-Fit Client. The truth is, you might only be a couple of steps further down the road from your audience. I do believe that everybody can start an online business. It is a matter of picking the area of in which your expertise can best helps others.

Commit to Lifelong Learning

The second thing is committing to lifelong learning. Nothing stands still. What got you here will not get you there. And if you’re coming on this journey, you have to be committed to a life of curiosity. Willing to grow as a person and as an online business owner.

This is hugely liberating because if you are committed to constant growth you don’t need to know everything today. As you are learning every day you know that you will be a little bit better tomorrow than you are today. And, by better, I mean that you will be able to help your Perfect-Fit Client get the transformation they desire, quicker, easier, and with less stress.

Become an Expert In Delivering Results

The third one is that technical expertise is only a fraction of what will make you a successful online business owner. Understanding the psychology of your Perfect-Fit Prospects is far more important. What do they want, what is holding them back, what are their fears, what motivates them, why do they not have what they want right now?

You need to become an expert in delivering results. Helping people move past their barriers and take their next steps towards their goals. Results are all that matter. It’s about taking your expertise and your knowledge, figuring out what your Perfect-Fit Client‘s next steps are, and giving them what they need to move forward.

It Isn’t a Matter of “IF”, It’s a Matter of “WHEN”!

No matter where you are, right now. Whether you’re looking to start your online business or take it to the next level. Remember that it isn’t a matter of “IF”, it’s a matter of “WHEN”.

I can show you people with less knowledge, less skill, less ambition, who had fewer opportunities in life who started after you…And they’ve made it in the online world because they moved to pass the “But I’m not an expert” feeling.

It’s about getting out of your own head and thinking about those that you can help today. Those who need you right now. Those who will continue to struggle unless you get your message into their world. And provide them with the support they need to move to their next level, whatever that is for them.