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Ad to Lead Magnet Mastery: Decoding Facebook Ad Strategies

Ad to Lead Magnet Mastery: Decoding Facebook Ad Strategies

ad to lead magnet

3 Elements To Inspire Your Facebook Ads:


  • The power of questions

Questions work on many levels. 

Firstly, they engage the reader. 

We are conditioned to respond to questions. This is one of the great copywriting hacks.

If you match the questions in your audience’s head, they will instantly think you understand them and will feel drawn to you.

They start conversations in your audience’s head and lead them deeper into the rabbit hole.

“How do you begin to profit from them?” 

As a question, this is far more powerful than telling someone they could profit from Bitcoin.


  • Stoke the pain, promise the pleasure

Problem, problem, problem…..


“It can be profitable once you understand them”

“It’s not hard once you learn the basics”

“…profit in the new world of crypto.”

Remember, an undisturbed prospect will not take action, no matter how glorious the positive upside is.


  • Make digital physical

If you are offering an eBook or digital product, it is always a good idea to depict it as a physical product. This may be in the form of a book or a box.

This makes the intangible tangible and increases the value proposition.

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