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L – Latest News

Google falls behind in AI race as competitors outpace its innovation and research efforts

Google is falling behind competitors in AI as they have failed to maximize their own inventions and have kept their best researchers focused on corporate strategy. While Google has made advances in AI computation hardware and developer platforms, competitors like OpenAI are making progress in large language models and AGI, and inventing new technologies such as DALL-E 2 and ChatGPT.

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Get ahead of the game with Pinterest Academy! 

Sharpen your Pin marketing skills with their refreshed education courses, including video and visual elements, and earn achievement badges along the way. With 450 million users and a focus on shopping intent, it’s worth digging deeper into the platform and seeing how it can benefit your brand. Plus, who doesn’t love a good achievement badge?

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Boost your TikTok game with Promote

TikTok just made it easier to turn your existing videos into ads with its new targeting and boosting features on the Promote platform, so you can finally take a step up in your influencer career. The new features give TikTok creators additional tools to target their desired communities, making it a great opportunity to increase your organic content’s visibility and amplify your creator marketing budgets.

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Twitter causes uproar among users as it makes TweetDeck exclusive to Twitter Blue subscribers

Twitter’s latest move to make TweetDeck a Twitter Blue exclusive feature has many Twitter users up in arms. The move is seen as a way to boost Twitter Blue’s subscriber base, which currently has around 300,000 paying subscribers, a far cry from the 33 million needed for it to make up 50% of Twitter’s overall revenue. But will making TweetDeck a Blue exclusive feature really help? Only time will tell, and we’ll be here to report on all the Twitter drama as it unfolds.

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A – A.I. For Growth’s Perceptual Artificial Intelligence technology makes video content more accessible than ever

The all-in-one video platform is perfect for marketers, creators, and anyone looking to consume and share information more efficiently.

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Take your video skills to the next level with InVideo! 

No more stressing about creating videos that are less than perfect. InVideo’s templates make it easy to create professional-looking videos in no time, even if you have no video editing experience.

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Get ready to be a video editing pro in no time with Wisecut! 

This AI-powered tool uses voice recognition to create stunning videos in a snap, making it perfect for content creators, marketers, and anyone who wants to create professional-looking videos without breaking a sweat.

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U – Uplevel Ads 

Let’s talk about the evolution of a Facebook Ad. 

The biggest mistake we see advertisers make is not testing enough ad variations. 

Today instead of reviewing a single Facebook Ad, I want to take you behind the scenes and show you the evolution of a Facebook Ad.

The Ad in question is for James Wedmore’s front end webinar funnel 

The first version of this ad was published in August 2022. 

There is a valuable lesson here in its own right. You are better focusing on scaling one funnel instead of building many funnels. Many large online businesses have been built on the back of just one lead magnet.


In December 2022 an updated variation of this ad was published.


Then in February 2023, we see a host of new ad variations published. I have chosen two for you below:

February 2023 Ad v1


February 2023 Ad v2


Inspiration for your ads:

  • If you find a winner, ride it all the way home (until it collapses and dies!) Despite testing multiple versions the fact that James is still running an ad from August 2022 means that it is outperforming the latest tests.
  • Facebook is not always rational! Even inferior ads (copy and image) can outperform superior ads if Facebook gets into a groove and finds the perfect segment of an audience. Never make any changes to an ad that is performing well.
  • It is important to test different themes. We can see all of the above ads are leading people to the same point from different directions. When starting out with a new campaign I like to come up with at least 4 different themes. These themes are then tested over time.
  • Look at the ads. Which do you think will convert best? In the long run I am sure the February ads will outperform the earlier ads. “..flying off the shelves” is not a stong proposition. “Your Sales Page isn’t converting because it contains AT LEAST 1 of these 5 Major Mistakes” is soooo much more powerful.
  • Your “X” isn’t “Y” because its making AT LEAST 1 of these “#” major mistakes” is an opening hook that can be adapted for almost any ad.
  • I avoided emojis for a long time in my ads, however, cringy as they may be, they work. Especially in opening two lines of the body copy. My hypothesis is that they act as a pattern interrupt while people are scrolling rather than people loving emojis.
  • You can’t natively bold text in Facebook ads. However, if you use a service like: you can enter you text and apply hundreds of effects. Again this will make your ad stand out.


N – Now Launching


A little bit more “happening” on this opt-in page compared to the last few we have reviewed. 

For the 3rd week in a row (and not by design) we are reviewing an evergreen webinar opt-in page

Now remember a good opt-in page is a good opt-in page whether you are getting people to sign up for a webinar, launch workshop, lead magnet or newsletter. The language may differ but the conversion principles remain the same.

 Inspiration for your landing page:

  • Let’s zoom out for a second. If you have a digital product or program (or are thinking about launching one) you know how important your sales page is. With this webinar James is solving a top 1% problem for online business owners. This is an incredibly smart play. Oftentimes the success of your funnel will be dictated before you ever draft a line of copy for your opt-in page or ads. Choose wisely. What’s a top 1% problem for your audience?
  • A personal photo. Eyes connecting with the audience and smiling. This is my go to starting image for an opt-in page. Also notice how James finger leads your eyes directly to the “Register Now” button.
  • We are hit straight away with “>>>>> FREE TRAINING!<<<<<”. Now some people argue that “Free” attracts a certain kind of person but the conversion stats don’t lie. Including free in both Facebook ads and landing pages can increase your conversions. As with everything testing is important but I like to start with free and then test it’s absence rather than the other way around. 
  • This is a strong headline “5 Sales Page Hacks” – We have specificity in the 3,5,7,9 series which you know I’m a fan of. Everyone wants a short cut, they want a guarantee that all their dreams will come true, immediately, without doing any work. “Hacks” promise all this in one word. Again there is a certain type of person to whom hacks will appeal. But it is the vast majority of people.
  • The sub head paints the desired future outcome – “get your digital program or product into the hands of thousands” – “high-converting sales page”
  • “You’re About to Discover” What you will discover is much more powerful than “What you will learn”. It makes it sound exciting and an adventure. It is also future paces you past registering. It is a soft form of an embedded command.
  • How my client Erika made an extra $30,000 simply by adding this one element to her sales page is the strongest line on the page. You need to hunt for results like this in your business to use them for this very purpose. This one line could sell the webinar in it’s own right. 
  • This is an evergreen webinar so there is no time deadline. The next best psychological trigger to a deadline is scarcity. As this is evergreen, using “limited seats” is questionable, however, I am sure there is a cap on the maximum number of concurrent users on the system.  



C – Conversion Psychology 

6 Tips for Crafting Profitable Facebook Ads by Framing Your Offer in the Right Way

Want more profitable Facebook Ads?

You gotta work on your offer.

Simple changes to how you present your offer can result in big $$$. 

This is called Framing.

Here are 6 ways you can use Framing to increase your course or membership sales.

  1. Framing is a psychological principle that refers to how the way information is presented can influence how it’s perceived. In other words, it’s all about the packaging! How the information is presented is more important than the information.
  2. For example, let’s say you’re selling a course on how to start a successful business. Instead of just listing the course features, frame it as a solution to a problem. “Are you tired of struggling to make your business work? Learn the secrets to success with our course!”
  3. When presenting your offer, don’t focus on just the deliverables. Spend 90% of your time painting a picture of what life will be like when they achieve the transformation you promise. What will they see, hear, feel and do differently? – Link this to their dreams.
  4. Another strategy is to use testimonials and success stories from previous members. This will frame your course or membership as having a proven track record of success. Now, potential buyers will be more likely to take the plunge.
  5. Don’t forget positive and negative framing. There is a big difference between a surgeon telling you you have a 90% survival rate or a 10% chance of dying. Remember we are more motivated to avoid pain than gain pleasure.
  6. Lastly, use value frames. Value frames make us feel like we are getting a better deal. For example, 20% off a $999 doesn’t look as impressive as $199 off. But it isn’t just monetary value. You can also appeal to the values of your audience. Environmentally friendly, health conscious, equal opportunity….

H – Hot Take

This applies as much to us in the knowledge space as to SAAS businesses. 

What are you doing today to ensure your business is 1 > 2 > 3?





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