Facebook Ads for Lead Magnets

Minimalist Approach in Facebook Ads for Lead Magnets

Minimalist Approach in Facebook Ads for Lead Magnets


Minimalist ad here from Stu. A minimalist ad for a minimalist funnel. 

Again, it’s almost as if this ad shouldn’t work. 

Like something a bored intern would throw together during their first week on the job.

And, yet, this ad has been running for just shy of a month. So, it must be doing something right.

The opening hook is strong. It signals who should pay attention, and it offers a desirable outcome.

Then, it skips right to the CTA.

A good hook can fill the A (Attention) & I (Interest) of AIDA. 

In this case, the D (Desire) is “scaling your membership”.

So, on a basic level, it still ticks all the boxes.

Every time I launch a Facebook ad campaign, I kick off with 3 lengths of ads.

  • Short (0 – 50 words)
  • Medium (50 – 100)
  • Long (100+)

Over multiple rounds of optimizations, my best-performing ads have always ended up either long medium or long-form copy.

But your mileage may vary.

Show short form copy some love and give this a try in your next round of copy.

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Crafting Persuasive Facebook Ads to Your Quiz Funnel

Crafting Persuasive Facebook Ads to Your Quiz Funnel

You know we have a soft spot for quiz funnels here at LAUNCH HQ… 


…and today we are continuing the love affair.


Let’s dive into a Facebook ad for Dayna Abraham’s quiz funnel.


Dayna has been perfecting the ads and her quiz funnel for years. 


This funnel has produced hundreds of thousands of leads and millions in revenue.

Facebook Ad to Quiz

I love the opening hook of this ad.


“Did you know there are actually 5 unique behavior types in children?”


First, it immediately positions who should pay attention to the ad without saying, “attention parents”.


As a parent, you will immediately be drawn into the ad. “I didn’t know there were 5 behavior types.” This builds instant curiosity.


If you are a parent of a child with behavioral issues, this hook instantly talks to a #1, can’t sleep at night, bleeding neck, pain point.


But notice how Dayna doesn’t speak of behavioral “issues”. 


Dayna uses the word unique. This takes all the blame and judgment out of the ad.


She then explains how knowing your child’s unique behavior type will help you handle their behavior in the moment.


And the consequences of not knowing your child’s behavior type – “fueling the madness or calming the chaos.”


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Facebook Ad Strategy: Evaluating an Ad to a Free Scorecard

Facebook Ad Strategy: Evaluating an Ad to a Free Scorecard

Our Ad today is from a company that has shaped the world of digital marketing we see today.

Guess we should sit up and pay attention.

Introducing none other than Ryan Deiss and the team over at Digital Marketer.

What’s unusual about this ad is its simplicity.

No grandiose promises of endless profits or finding the answer to life, the universe, and everything (which we all know is 42).

The ad simply identifies a #1 pain point and promises to fix it with some very tangible outputs.

But don’t let the simplicity fool you. 

This is the starting point of an intelligent funnel! (more about that in the Now Launching section!)


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • If you have never run a marketing team, the opening hook may seem weak. But trust me as a marketing leader, this is one of your biggest headaches. What to measure, how to measure them, what info is useful, how to track them week by week, and how to design something that the team doesn’t spend half their work day measuring. Oh, and you can give it to us in a scorecard too. Well, that is just the icing on the cake. Remember the usefulness, relevance, and pain-solving potential of your Lead Magnet is far more important than any fancy copy you can write.
  • Bullet points help you say more with less. It would have taken hundreds of words to explain what they have packed into just 6 short bullet points. Again it’s the strength of the lead magnet that enables Digital Marketer to skip the explanation about why marketing departments need a scorecard.
  • As this is a practical tool, Digital Marketer produced a 1-minute walkthrough video for the ad. Sure, someone could recreate the tool based on the video walkthrough, but why bother. You can get it for free on the next page. For some lead magnets, a visual demo can be your best sales tool. Even if you have an information-based lead magnet, you could do a screencast with a video overlay and bring people through the key sections.

But the real genius of this funnel is in the next section.