Crafting Powerful Facebook Ad Strategies for Free Training

Crafting Powerful Facebook Ad Strategies for Free Training

Cool strategy this week from Stu McLaren. You may remember a couple of weeks agao I shared ads for his upcoming annual launch of The Membership Experience

If you are interested in experiencing a top level launch or you want to learn about growing an online membership I would strongly recommend you register for the this workshop. Sign up for Stu’s free Membership Guide here and you will join the launch.

Anyhoo, I was looking at how Stu’s ad strategy was evolving and I came across a little gem.


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • Make Your Ads Valuable: Not alone does Stu do an excellent job of teasing the value of registering for the FREE training. He shares two funnels in the ad itself. But he doesn’t go into detail. He shares the snappy name, and then he demonstrates how people applied the strategy and the results they have achieved. This makes the promise of the lead magnet real, concrete and specific without making it sound sleazy or you’re making stuff up – “How to make 6 figures a month in less than a year”
  • Make Your Clients The Hero Of Your Story: Sharing your client’s success stories will instantly build your authority without sounding big-headed. This shouldn’t be something you only think of when you start to write your ad copy. Instead, you should be continuously recording and refining your client success stories. Your goal is to build a database of success stories to pull from when the need arises.
  • Keep Things Simple: 9 funnels are a lot. Your audience could flip quickly into overwhelm. But Stu does something brilliant at the end of the ad. He simplifies it. “But here is what I want you to do. Watch the video, then pick just ONE.” This flips any possible overwhelming to – “Surely 1 of the 9 funnels will definitely work for me.”