Facebook Ad Objectives for Attracting High-Quality Leads

Facebook Ad Objectives for Attracting High-Quality Leads



Is picking the perfect Facebook Ad objectives holding you back from launching?  We’ve all been there. You’re set and ready to go. You log into your ad account…


…and doubt starts setting in.


Which Facebook ad objective will work best?


Here is a simple approach to get you moving 


If you are interested in growing your online business, there are only 3 ad objectives you should be considering >>> 

  1. Engagement/Video Views (Top Of Funnel)
  2. Lead (Middle Of Funnel)
  3. Sales (Bottom of Funnel


You invest time, effort, and energy creating content. Why not invest a small amount in pushing that content to a wider audience? Run engagement objective ads with your top-performing posts. You can retarget people who engaged with these ads lower in your funnel.


Creating retargeting audiences with the Video View objective is one of my all-time favorite audience-building hacks. Promote 30-50 second videos to broad audiences with the ThruPlay objective and then retarget people who have watched 75%+ of the video.  


If you want to drive people to a landing page to opt-in for a lead magnet, then use the Lead objective. Yes, the traffic objective may seem cheaper in the short term, but Facebook will send low-quality traffic to your opt-in page. We want Facebook to send us high-quality traffic.


If you want people to make a purchase. Even if you are driving them to an opt-in page first and then offering them an upsell or putting them into an evergreen sales campaign, then use the Sales objective. This objective unlocks Facebook’s highest-value audience.


These are the only 3 objectives you need to attract high-quality leads that convert like crazy so you can profitably attract new course and membership subscribers and scale your online business. So let’s make it rain….